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Summer Of Love And Hate

Chez Mars. Veronica has snapshots up on a whiteboard, and under the photos she's busy writing the framed kids' names and sports. ["And misspells 'volleyball,' which bugged me for the entire hour." -- Wing Chun] Wallace is freaking that the failed drug test goes on his permanent record. There's no point in worrying too much about that, Wallace. Why fret about how it might affect your future when, if your mom finds out about it, you won't live to see another sunrise? Veronica mentions the pantsing incident, and Wallace volunteers that he was there for that. He says that Butters was livid, and said he would get even. Veronica quickly realizes that everyone who failed the test was there to see Butters in all his pantsless "glory."

Cut to the living room, as Veronica says she'll talk to Butters the next day. Keith comes home, and Veronica tells him she knows "a twenty-four-year-old floozy who thinks [he's] hot." I'd be a little put off about Veronica describing her friendly co-worker in such a manner, but making Veronica think about her dad in that way certainly buys her an insult or two. Wallace is all, "Ah-HEM," but Keith says that he and Alicia have an understanding: "I behave myself, and she doesn't leave me." I wonder if she drafted that one after Keith dumped her for the alcoholic thief. Keith hams it up that he worships the ground Alicia walks on, and Wallace, anxious to hold on to his lunch, leaves. Keith and Veronica banter about Veronica's first day of school, and Keith asks if she had any premarital sex. Veronica: "Yes. But don't worry, Dad. I swear you're gonna like these guys." Hee. They hug, and then Keith asks where the heck his turkey pot pie is. Veronica looks like she thinks that's a dorky reference. Don't knock The Breakfast Club, Veronica. Or I might have to tell you, as they do in the TBS dubbed version on numerous occasions, to go flip yourself.

School. Veronica goes up to a kid and asks, "Butters?" The kid bites out, "'Butters' is the name of the weak loser suck-up on South Park. 'Butters' implies soft, fat..." "...but oh-so-delicious," Veronica finishes. Hee. I'd just add that if this kid was trying to show off on the pegboard, he wasn't likely to need any help embarrassing himself. ["Also, Butters rules. He can tapdance!" -- Wing Chun] Veronica brings up the pantsing incident to Butters, whose real name is Vincent. Don't get used to seeing it in print. Butters doesn't admit to framing the kids, but isn't exactly displeased at their misfortune. Veronica cautions Butters that if she tells Kelvin he's responsible for his plight, Kelvin will take his head off. Butters looks down the hall and says he doesn't think that will happen. He then greets his dad, who just happens to be VP Clemmons. Well, okay, but apparently he didn't do all that much about the pantsing incident, so wipe the smug look off your face, Butters. You're still not even as cool as Kenny, and he can't talk and dies in every episode.

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