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Summer Of Love And Hate

School, at night. Veronica and Wallace sneak in and open Clemmons's office with the purloined key. On Clemmons's desk, we see a shot of Butters, who can't even smile for a photo. Then again, I don't think I've seen Clemmons smile yet in the run of the series, so maybe we're supposed to take the view that school administrators have humorless households. My world, she is rocked. Veronica busies herself in finding the right passkey among the many she brought to unlock the permanent-record filing cabinet, but realizes that Clemmons's key, which he's uber-conveniently left in his desk drawer, will do even better. Wallace grumbles about what they're doing and where their ethical line is, and I'd suggest that if these questions are important to you, Wallace, you might have asked them BEFORE YOU GAVE VERONICA THE KEY AND PASSWORDS. I mean, if you're worried you're already on a slippery slope, you want to avoid spilling Crisco. As Veronica examines Wallace's file, she muses that what happened is probably that Clemmons was forwarded the test results, but that Butters altered those of the kids who failed before his dad examined them. Not to question your legendary detective skills, Veronica, but I would think Clemmons would have looked at them right away: it's probably the most exciting thing that happens to him all year. Not to mention it's fodder for his principals-only chat room ( ["I cannot tell you how shocked I am to learn that URL isn't currently in use." -- Wing Chun]).

Anyway, Veronica quickly ditches her theory after analyzing the lab reports and determining from various factors that they couldn't have been tampered with. Wallace thinks that means he's screwed, but Veronica speculates that the results might have been accurate, and Wallace he might simply have ingested an illegal substance without knowing it. It hurts me to harp on the shoddy detective work here, but it is part of my job, so I have to point out that this theory, as well as the original theory that Butters changed the test results of the kids who failed, completely ignores the 09er stoner whose results came back negative. It's a relatively subtle point, but given that Veronica wastes several minutes of this jam-packed episode on an investigation she should have known to skip, it's an error that really should have been avoided. Anyway, Veronica asks whether Wallace ate any suspicious brownies, and he brightens as he says that, on the day of the "Back To School Athletics Banquet," there were spirit boxes in their lockers, containing not brownies but cookies. Veronica asks if he ate any. Wallace: "I ate six." Heh. No wonder Veronica made him snickerdoodles. She knew they wouldn't go to waste. Veronica says she's going to stop at the drugstore, and Wallace tells her he'll follow her, since she doesn't want to go out alone. VMVO tells us that that's probably true, since after the DA dropped the charges against Logan, Neptune became a different place.

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