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Veronica tells Beaver that since Marcos and Peter were going to spill, they had to die. She informs us that Hart told her Beaver worked on his war movies with him, and he was good with explosives. Well, at least we know Curly and Beaver knew each other, I guess. We flash back to the limo, and Beaver not-all-that-surreptitiously detonates the bomb. (By the way, if Beaver rigged the underside of the bus, what's the explanation of the baseball fragments in the driver's head? If you're going to emphasize that point this much throughout the season, you can't be this sloppy.) Veronica adds that Curly told Weevil he knew who blew up the bus, and that's why Beaver killed him. From the look on Beaver's face, it's too bad his facial hair doesn't grow in very thick, because this would be an excellent time for him to be twirling a mustache. Also, if Curly knew who did it, why did he let Weevil beat him to a bloody pulp before trying to reveal that information? That just does not happen. Veronica says that Beaver knew Cervando had been bragging about hustling Liam, so he convinced the PCHers that Curly blew up the bus. Flash back to Beaver sitting in his car, watching Weevil kick Curly. Beaver starts the car with the headlights blazing. Once the PCHers have dispersed, Beaver runs Curly over. As Veronica continues to be one of those meddling kids, explaining that Beaver had the idea to throw suspicion on Haaron, he writes Veronica's name on Curly's palm. Beaver then drives up to the cliff's edge, throwing Curly's body into the water below.

Veronica goes on, and on, and on, that Beaver knew what his dad was up to, and that he hired Veronica not to expose Kendall's cheating, but to get back at his dad. This point, at least, I liked. Veronica then asks how she got chlamydia. She accuses him of raping her, passing on the chlamydia he got from The Woodman. I'm not going to argue with this decision technically, since it doesn't contradict any facts we've seen. Chlamydia is often asymptomatic, so both of these two could have had it for a long time, although perhaps Veronica will get physicals a little more often now. As many posters pointed out, Veronica should have gone to a rape clinic the morning after the party, a thought which is generally important but is probably past its expiration date here. But the real problem for me is that this reveal completely undoes what I loved most about "A Trip To The Dentist," and I'm afraid I can't be in love with the lesson at the end of that episode and like this new development at all. It's got shock value but is ill-advised, in my opinion; what they're telling us is that a mystery resolution for which we waited all of last season was just another example of the misguided misdirection that's been all too prevalent this season. I'm sorry to sound so harsh -- because I love this show and think it's better than just about anything else I watch -- but this really doesn't work for me at all. Also, Veronica makes a comment that implies maybe Beaver doesn't like girls, and if we're really going with Peter and Beaver as gay and Marcos as questioning...that's a road I think requires more careful navigation than we've seen this season, that's all I'm going to say.

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