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Veronica confidently tells Beaver his reign of terror is over because she told her dad about him, and again, this is just stupid -- does she really think Beaver won't kill her anyway, and then go after her dad? But Beaver mwa-ha-has that he's rigged The Woodman's plane with explosives, and since Keith is on it, all he has to do is detonate them. Here we go again -- why didn't Beaver kill The Woodman on his way out of town? I mean, when he rigged the plane (tough job for one kid to pull off alone, I think) he must have had a plan for knowing when The Woodman would be on the plane, or why bother, right? Was he just going to wait until someone like Corny happened by with that information -- and given that that happened, why didn't he detonate the explosives right then? He must have been worried that The Woodman would expose his secret now that he's on his way to justice, and given where the plane is when it explodes, he cuts things awfully conveniently fine. I should add that I don't know anything about sexual abuse, and I'm not saying it's not possible for Beaver to seem sweetly damaged and really be a psycho killer. I just don't think it's the most interesting choice. It seems strange to me that the way he's been depicted suggests a deep need for approval, when here he's coming off as the most cold-blooded, remorseless killer I've ever seen. I mean, Kyle Gallner's playing this performance so evil that I'm afraid it's going to affect other roles of his. Clark, if The Flash ever comes back to Smallville, you'd better beat him senseless on sight! I think it's worth noting that by contrast, Haaron always seemed like an incredible narcissist, so his reveal made sense on a very visceral level than this one, in my opinion, lacks. If Beaver had been pleading for understanding from Veronica, for approval of his actions, that would have provided a more interesting and in-character emotional resonance to the scene, not to mention a legitimate story-driven reason for having a conversation with Veronica instead of shooting her in the head. Also, I think that we've all sensed an underlying desperation in Beaver at times, but that quality is totally absent from this scene until the very end, when it's too late for it to really resonate. Anyway, Beaver sneeringly offers Veronica a chance to call her dad and say goodbye, and after a few moments of shock, she tries Keith's number. And I've got to say, they missed another big chance here. The odds that she's going to get Keith on the line from the plane seem zero, and it's not like Keith's going to retrieve his messages from beyond the grave. (I hope -- one shouldn't have to listen to automated telemarketing messages in the afterlife.) So if Veronica fought through her emotions enough to think to try calling Logan here, that would have been brilliant, and worthy of her. She could have faked talking to Keith or leaving him a message while giving Logan her whereabouts. Pity. (Also, Keith couldn't have answered his phone in the car? Kind of lame.) Anyway, Beaver watches Veronica's desperation with stone cold remorselessness, and then pushes the button on his phone, causing a nearby explosion in the atmosphere. Veronica sinks to her knees and cries, possibly knowing that despite her typically rocking the hell out of this performance, even people on the short bus doesn't really think Keith is dead.

Beaver sidles over to Veronica, kneels down, and offers her the chance to roll herself off the roof, as he doesn't want her DNA on his shirt. Aside from noting that that's just stupid, if you could deal with entering her without a condom, I'd think a little hair and skin wouldn't bother you greatly. While Beaver's on one side, Veronica -- one-handed on her other side -- surreptitiously sends a text....

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