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Leave It To Beavil Veronica lying across Logan's lap. I'm surprised no one in the forums noticed that the way the pose is framed looks sort of like Michelangelo's Pietà. (Okay, now I have to go ban myself.) Seriously, though, it's an exquisite shot, and bookends the season nicely from when their positions were reversed in the flashback from the season premiere. We slip into Veronica's dreams again.

In Veronica's dream, Keith is putting on a puppet show for a toddler-aged Veronica. Keith asks whether she can smell that, and speaking of bookends, she adorably and kind of heart-wrenchingly says that she smells bacon.

And then Veronica wakes up and runs into the Mars kitchen calling for her dad, but instead finds Logan making breakfast. Veronica's face breaks again as she fully recovers from the dream, and Logan takes her in his arms again. He repeatedly tells her he's sorry, until Keith's voice breaks in from his bedroom. Veronica jumps into his arms, and this is touching but again a little cheap -- Keith didn't think to get in touch with Veronica at all? Did he not see a missed call from her? Plus, did he not hear about The Woodman's pedophilic ashes raining down on Neptune? I'd think that would be enough to make him want to check in on his daughter. Anyway, the point is that Lamb didn't want Keith arriving in front of the press in his Woodman-capturing glory, so he had them take Keith off the plane at the last minute. People wondered whether this meant that Lamb was on the plane, but I'm not sure there's any indication Lamb ever even went to Nevada -- he could have made that call from off-site. But it's good to know that Lamb's petty vindictiveness can be used for good as well as evil. Anyway, Keith says that he was a little surprised to find Logan on the couch, but he apparently just let him sleep. I guess since all the lamps were intact, there was no cause for alarm. Anyway, the mention of Logan's name makes Veronica realize that he's out the door already. Keith asks about Beaver.

We're back with Mr. Bill Lee, who's explaining that since Beaver's death will be ruled as a suicide, it's a wash insurance-wise. The recipient of this speech is a shocked-looking Kendall, who next hears that her interest in Phoenix Land Trust is worth eight million bucks. I wonder whether Beaver's partnership with Kendall wasn't actually meant to be nefarious at all. Lee, who doesn't seem particularly broken up that his old bad-touching college friend is now fertilizer, notes that Beaver's bet against incorporation was "ballsy." I'd make a Kellie Pickler joke were it not for the fact that Jacob and Joe R have so had my back this season. Lee implies that perhaps Big Dick was behind Beaver's move, and Kendall smiles. Perhaps if Big Dick finds his way back onto the scene, she'll only cuckold him with age-appropriate men.

Mars Investigations. Keith and Veronica make New York references, and Veronica exposits that Logan's giving her a ride to the airport so they can talk. Also, apparently Logan is referring to himself as "Little Orphan Annie." I take it the point is that he's heard about his dad, but really, if he doesn't want me to keep pointing out how fey he is, he'd be well advised to skip the musical theater references. Veronica says that she's going to go out front, and Keith kisses her and says he'll see her at the gate. Logan appears....

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