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...and it appears on the front page of a paper, at which Keith and Veronica are looking inside Mars Investigations. Keith takes it away, and he tells Veronica that she can't dwell on the acquittal. "However wrong it turned out, it's done. We're people with lives, and we will not obsess. We move on." Well, after reading over a hundred pages of episode-thread posts in the last few days, it's nice to know there are two of you. Keith tells Veronica that Haaron will get his justice, and orders her to get to work as he heads into his office. Moments later, though, Veronica totally busts him reading the paper. Heh. Veronica hands him a sheet off the fax machine and says that Meg's dad is offering twenty grand for the capture of The Woodman. She suggests that Keith use his "mad PI skillz" to track The Woodman down, but Keith tells her that he wants to be there for her graduation: "Guess I'm just sentimental." Me too, but I'll save it for the end of the recap.

Java The Hut. Veronica gently chides Wallace for not eating his free cake, but Wallace is depressed at the "We'll Always Have Paris, Except For You" note Jackie left him. Veronica pushes the cake again, and then goes to talk to a "Johnny Ludden," who was on The Woodman's Little League Sharks. Johnny's not on screen very long, so I'll just sum him up thusly: Likes: Gelato. Dislikes: Brain cells. Clear?

Chez Mars. Veronica arrives home, still holding the picture of the Sharks. The phone rings, and once she answers it, the bamp chicka wow wow music starts up. On this show, that doesn't significantly narrow down the possible callers. But it's Vinnie Vanlowe, news at which Keith makes a hilarious "The HELL?" face....

...and then we're with the guy in question, who is, as always, wearing the Members Only jacket. I think those things are the sartorial equivalent of the Hotel California. The idea certainly makes for a melancholy enough tune. Anyway, Vinnie proposes that the two of them team up to find The Woodman and split the money. Keith smiles that the sheriff must have caught Vinnie breaking into The Woodman's house, and Vinnie steps forward in the frame to reveal that he is, in fact, being detained by Neptune's finest. (You can swoon about how fitting a name that is for Lamb on your own time.) Sotto voce, Vinnie tells Keith that he's got all The Woodman's financial records (by e-mail? I guess, otherwise I don't know how he could have hidden them from Lamb), and asks for 60% of the reward. Keith tells him he'll do a fifty-fifty split if the information pans out, and if Vinnie can wait until after Veronica graduates. Vinnie whines about the split, and Keith gives him the world's tiniest violin, which so endears him to me. I wish he were better with the internet, because I'd love him to send me an emoticon for that.

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