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I should mention that some posters thought that the dream sequence was heavy-handed and pointless. I actually enjoyed most of it -- the stuff with her mom, for instance, was touching and consistent with emotions Veronica expressed in "My Mother, The Fiend." I also liked the choice to show that she and Duncan might have amicably but naturally broken up. I'll agree, though, that the Wallace interaction was pushing things too far into "We GET it" territory, especially since Wallace, truth be told, has really been quite a minor character for a lot of the season. And one burning question went unanswered: What the hell college did Veronica think was going to have the pleasure of educating the walking sexual-harassment lawsuit that is Dick Casablancas?

In Neptune's business district (...okay), we see a besuited man enter a building. Keith, staking out the place, instructs someone on the other end of his phone to get ready. Inside, a woman tells "Mr. Lee" that Gia left a message asking him to call her, so this guy is the aforementioned lawyer/college buddy. I wonder if they're close enough that The Woodman asked for advice on fielding accusations of child molestation. It certainly would put that pesky attorney-client privilege to the test. Anyway, the guy calls "Gia," and Veronica does her best impersonation as she babbles on about a mix-up with The Woodman's medication. Sorry, Veronica, but you were about twenty-six tangents short of convincingly impersonating Gia there. Meanwhile, Keith is employing some gizmos to use Veronica's connection to tap into the dude's phone, or something. Don't email me, as by the time you read this, I will be on vacation. (And to save you from making the joke, I will be the first to admit that it's much needed.) Anyway, the point apparently is that when Lee calls The Woodman, Keith is able to pull the number....

...and at graduation, Keith is telling Veronica that Lee called "Quail Creek Lodge," a hunting ranch in Nevada. Oh, Woody. Even in Nevada, the things you're into aren't legal. Keith says that he's leaving right after graduation, and kisses Veronica, saying he'll call her as soon as he's captured The Woodman. He leaves, and Veronica notes Weevil and his grandmother -- who apparently has aged ten years since we saw her last and can now barely walk or see. I'd imagine that makes cleaning the toilets pretty tough. Seriously, I know Weevil said his grandmother was just hanging on to see him graduate, but given that the one time we saw her, she seemed relatively young (and yes, I know it's a different actress, whatever). It would be nice to know what sort of Victorian affliction she has that's going to send her shuffling off this mortal coil once Weevil turns his tassel to the left. (Or doesn't, cruel, "world" that it is.) The grandmother affectionately fixes his cap. Aww.

Clemmons is calling the seniors' names. (Among them are John Enbom and Phil Klemmer, two of the writers for the show. Yay!) Wallace goes up, and we finally get to see Alicia again, who's looking radiant and lovely. Mac gets Veronica's attention (and Mac is graduating, too, so that answers that question), and tells her that Beaver got them a room at the Neptune Grand for that night. Mac asks for advice, and Veronica tells her just to relax. That may prove to be difficult. Veronica takes up a ready position to head up to the stage, but her eyes widen when Lamb enters with a deputy in tow. Sadly, they do not widen because he's wearing the dog costume. He does, however, take a bite out of crime by arresting Weevil, despite the latter's entreaties to give him ten minutes to graduate. I do sympathize with Weevil -- in fact, this is devastating to watch -- and I think Lamb is being purposely -- if not characteristically -- dickish. But...Weevil did commit a crime, and he got caught, so it's time to pay up. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, and on the law's schedule to boot. As Lamb leads him away, he looks over at his grandmother, who seems to have aged another ten years in the last five minutes. This time, however, I can understand the reason why. Weevil looks at Veronica, who's sad that she can't help him out of this one, and he's gone.

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