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One other thing -- a lot of people were put out that we got no shot of Logan at graduation, nor any mention of his plans after graduation. Honestly, I can't say I noticed the first time through, but the point seems valid enough.

Hey, we're in Brooklyn! I can wave to myself, or at least I can until I move back into the city at the end of the month, which will at least allow me to escape the impending Atlantic Center nightmare. (FUCKING NETS.) A cute toddler runs into some sort of café calling "Mommy," and Jackie trails in behind him. Well, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but it looks like Jackie is, as they say in France, ze big liair. The woman behind the counter chides Jackie for being late, and Jackie grouses to the woman, who just happens to be her mother, that she hasn't even been back two days. Her mom snaps that "Terrence Cook fantasy camp is over." In unrelated news, a tear inexplicably rolls down Keith's cheek. Jackie gets into her uniform, as her mom fields a phone call, which she says is for Jackie. She tentatively answers, and Veronica's voice snarks, "What? No bonjour?" Veronica adds that between Jackie's 3.1 GPA (a little low for the Sorbonne) and her expert service-industry skills (not screaming "daughter of a model living on the Upper West Side"), she knew Jackie's story stank weeks ago. She's calling to inform Jackie that Wallace has a four-hour layover at JFK, so she can catch him there "before he's forced to endure several ugly days of rude waiters for nothing." Well, Veronica, as you go through college, you'll probably become more career-oriented, so it might save you some time to cross "travel agent" off your list right now. (Also, that stereotype about French waiters? Not so much true anymore, in my experience.) Jackie looks around with trepidation, as her mother does not look likely to be particularly sympathetic to this latest drama. Maybe you should try making her a macchiato to placate her first, Jackie. Betting on "like mother, like daughter" in this case may seem like a long shot, but I'm sensing you don't have a lot of arrows in your quiver at the moment.

Neptune Grand. Logan runs into Haaron, who tells him that he's moving in for the moment. Also, Haaron thinks Logan should be civil to him because he's got his money back: "You're my dependent again, son." Haaron squeezes Logan's shoulder, which you'd think he'd object to. Then again, after being fondled by The Woodman, all other inappropriate touching just pales in comparison. The point here, I think, is to plant the idea that Logan would now benefit financially from Haaron's death, although why that's relevant, I can't possibly imagine. (Oh, crap, I put that spoiler in earlier. I hate it when two jokes fight like that!)

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