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Men Are Pigs...

Mars Investigations. Veronica is poking around in a file cabinet. She finds the cell-phone tracker as Keith enters the room and asks for the opportunity to explain. Keith, I don't think what Veronica needs right now is the adulterer's version of the birds and the bees, but I'll admit that as far as ill-advised approaches go, your subsequent smiling and telling her that what you have with Harmony is "something special" makes your first try pale in comparison. Veronica tells Keith that that's the same speech they've heard from "every john we've ever caught with his pants down." As a John myself, Veronica, I'd swear not to give you that speech were I caught in that position with someone's wife, but the promise might ring a little hollow in my case. Veronica goes for the gut-punch, asking if it would have been okay if Jake Kane thought he had something special with Lianne. This is completely in-bounds, in my opinion, but it still doesn't mean Dean Ed wouldn't have enjoyed watching it unfold. Keith tries to defend himself by saying that Harmony is going to leave her husband, but Veronica isn't having that either, as she asks whether Harmony's husband knows that yet. Again, good point. Keith is flummoxed into silence, so Veronica starts to leave, but then turns and tells Keith to do what he has to, since she's seen too much working at Mars Investigations ever to be surprised again. Keith snaps that she's not that jaded, and Keith, it's your turn to shut up, but it's too late, as Veronica says she didn't used to be: "I had this one shining example that gave me some faith." Some people thought this one was too much, but considering it's the first line that actually seems really to get through to Keith, I can't say as I agree. Remember how Veronica was obsessed with finding Lilly Kane's killer? She started that search not for Lilly's sake, but to prove that her dad didn't bungle the investigation, since she blamed the allegations of said bungling for breaking up her parents' marriage. It's all there in the pilot, and now Keith is going to stand there and smilingly tell Veronica that he's got "something special" going with another man's wife? I think maybe Keith got off a little easy. If you'll pardon the expression.

Veronica is driving and Meryl is holding the tracker as Veronica tells her that there was a lot of activity on Sully's credit cards the night before, and that they were all in service of various vices. Meryl says that at least Sully's okay, but her tone suggests she's finally stepping out of her Voltaire paperback. They get to their destination, which is...the River Stix. Niiiice, and scary. Veronica brazenly makes a Casablanca reference, which I don't really buy given everything she's been through with the Fitzpatricks. Meryl starts to get out of the car, but Veronica stops her and says that they'll call the sheriff. Meryl asks whether she means the moron. Veronica: "He's a well-armed moron." Hee. Meryl, however, takes the opportunity afforded by Veronica's being on the phone to run out of the car and into the bar. Veronica: "Oh, crap." In deference to the fact that, as your line reminds me, this is network TV, Veronica: no effing kidding.

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