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Men Are Pigs...

In the boys' room, Veronica has just taken a shower and is pulling on a t-shirt as VMVO unnecessarily says that she needs sanctuary, a place where no one can find her. She then opens the closet door, and we "ironically" see Piz in the mirror. For the record, it appears as though Veronica left the door open, and given that I thought the dorm floors were segregated by gender, that doesn't seem like the wisest choice. (I could go on a rant about the ongoing lack of security on a campus that's plagued by a SERIAL RAPIST, but at this point I might as well be complaining about how dumb it was for the Buffy regulars not to wear crucifixes as a matter of course. This is how it is in TV Land sometimes, like it or not.) Anyway, Piz swears that he was only standing in the doorway for a couple of seconds, and enters and shuts the door. He then marble-mouths something about his guitar that I can't for the life of me decipher. Of course, this could be clever manipulation on his part, since Veronica's relationships with Logan and Leo suggest that she's not really a fan of clear diction in her boyfriends. Veronica asks why he's back, and he explains that a cram session is one thing, but that a weekend alone with a guy who's hell-bent on becoming a mechanical engineer despite never having taken basic math seriously in his entire life up to this point is another thing entirely. I may be paraphrasing a bit here. Anyway, Piz asks why she's there, and you'd think Wallace would have told Piz about Veronica's sojourn, except for two things: one, given the scenario Piz described (with a pretty hilarious Wallace imitation, I should add), I can see him leaving without telling Wallace he was going, and two: Wallace has shown he's taking pleasure in watching Piz struggle with his feelings for Veronica. I'm not saying Piz definitely didn't know Veronica would be there, but I think it's possible. I'll be sure to ask Wallace about it when the rigors of Mech E let up in a few years. Veronica picks up her stuff and says she'll get going, but Piz invites her to stay. Veronica weighs her options for a moment and smiles.

Out in the hallway, Moe the RA sees a girl sitting on the floor outside one of the rooms. He squats down to talk to her, and she tells him that it's her boyfriend's room she's waiting by, and that he's supposed to be there. Moe offers her some tea, and I'm not the only one who doesn't know what's up with that running joke if the girl's bewildered expression is any indication.

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