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Men Are Pigs...

...and when Harmony walks out of Keith's office, she's startled to see Vinnie Vanlowe on the couch. She goes from startled to "Oh, SHIT" when he greets her as "Mrs. Chase." Uh oh.

Vinnie enters Keith's office, and Keith somewhat cheerily greets him. I'm thinking he's being nice because he already smells what's coming, because I can't believe Vinnie's putting Liam Fitzpatrick on Keith's and Cormac's tail would have inspired anything other than a punch in the face. Or perhaps a La Femme Nikita-esque use of Vinnie's pen. Vinnie, in fact, brings up the Fitzpatricks, saying that he's on retainer for them, and they have the idea that Kendall "owes them money," and that Keith knows where the money's hidden. It doesn't sound to me like they necessarily think Kendall's alive, but maybe I'm simply leaning toward the show not going that ridiculous route. We've been doing pretty well without the coma babies of late, and I'd like things to stay that way. Anyway, Vinnie says that rather than his wasting a lot of energy tracking her down, they can simply split the retainer. Keith does not suggest that they head over to South Neptune for some free soup to cement their deal, but he really, really should. Keith says that he doesn't know where Kendall is, which is technically true, so Vinnie tosses him an envelope of Keith and Harmony hooking up. Like I said, uh oh. Vinnie genially says that this isn't a value judgment or anything, since he's been down the married-woman road himself, but...Keith breaks in to ask him what he wants. Vinnie toys with his prey for a moment by way of admiring his own photographic artistry: "The girl at the Fotomat used to call me the 'human tripod'...wait. That's somethin' else." It certainly is. Keith asks what price he's setting today's extortion at, and Vinnie tells him that Harmony's husband is paying Vinnie two grand to find out if Harmony is having an affair, so four grand will make the answer a negative one. As I mentioned in the recaplet, I actually recently idly conceived of this little subplot occurring, just because of the incredibly heavy irony. I mean, if you'll remember, this is how Veronica described Vinnie's MO in the episode wherein we first met him. I didn't think it would happen near this soon, but it's nice of the writers to put it in before I could forget that I'd even thought of it. Also, I'm assuming that Keith is worried about what would happen to Harmony in the divorce proceedings if news of the affair got out, because otherwise I can't see him coughing up the four grand without asking Harmony if she was serious about that whole ending-her-marriage thing. Keith looks stunned and saddened as we go to commercial. Maybe it's because Vinnie didn't offer him a discount out of professional courtesy.

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