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Who Mourns For Saint Blonde?

Anywhere But Here. The jurors are packing up for the day when Veronica returns and tells them she told the judge they weren't deadlocked, and the judge responded by saying that they weren't going home until they reached a verdict. This would never happen, but I guess in a town where Veronica can get her summons, show up to serve, and go through the jury selection process and most of the trial in a day or two, they're not too fond of lollygagging. N-NW blithely takes out her knitting. Heh.

Hey, it's Lilly! But only for a second: we're watching the same snippet of the sex tape we saw in the season finale, so Haaron rolls into the frame. It's not really nice of the show to remind me how desperately I miss Amanda Seyfried, you know. The camera pans over to reveal that we're in Duncan's suite, and a teary Logan is sitting on the couch watching. Damn. This boy is such a masochist I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he watched the copies as well just for bad measure. Anyway, Logan uses a degausser to erase the tapes, and then lights the covers on fire and tosses them into the wastebasket. Someone knocks on the door, making me wonder if the fire brigade is as efficient as the justice system, but when Logan pulls himself together and answers the door, it's Keith, who asks, "For that experience, you paid fifty grand?" Keith, not only is the answer yes, but I think it's a good bet that he'd do it again. Logan considers Keith for a long moment, and then walks back into the suite, sniffling as he tells the trailing Keith, "All that matters is that the world wide web won't be hosting mpegs of my old man defiling the love of my life." Well, that's true, but I'd be surprised if an anime depiction isn't already available somewhere. Also, I loved Lilly as much as anyone, but I wouldn't go so far to say she was exactly, um, "filed" before Haaron got his hands on her. Keith points out that Logan did his dad a favor here, but Logan says he can testify as to what's on the tapes, and blech. I mean, if we're granting that the tapes would have been admissible because they speak to Haaron's state of mind at the time of the murder, I really don't see how word-of-mouth testimony from Veronica, who Haaron almost killed, and Logan, who hates Haaron, is going to carry the same impact as actual visual evidence. Isn't one of the things we're supposed to take from this episode that one of the responsibilities of jurors is to evaluate the witnesses' credibility? Why am I asking so many questions this close to a six-week break? Keith points out that Logan could go to jail, but Logan says there's no evidence: the tapes are blank. Keith asks if blank tapes made him cry. Logan: "Yeah. I thought I'd saved the Daria marathon on them." HA ha ha. Nice. Keith asks how Logan managed to get the tapes for such a low price. Logan: "Why sir, I've always depended upon the kindness of strangers." It's a good thing I have Logan's email address now, because I want to ask him how Brokeback Mountain is, and I'm sure he saw it on opening night. In fact, it's probably the only thing he placed a higher priority on seeing than the sex tapes. Keith wonders how Logan could have found kindness in the sheriff's department, but then his face falls as he realizes that Max Greenfield must have made this guest appearance for a reason.

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