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Who Mourns For Saint Blonde?

Keith and The Woodman walk into the latter's office as The Woodman thanks Keith for coming. They sit down, and The Woodman tells Keith that Lamb called him and told him that the Haaron/Lilly sex tapes were stolen from the evidence rooms -- both the originals and copies -- and from separate safes. Keith asks if there was any sign of a break-in, but The Woodman tells him no, and that it has to be an inside job. Keith opines that this will put a huge dent in the prosecution's case, and that it won't stay secret long. The Woodman agrees, and asks Keith to head an "official independent inquest" to get the tapes back. Keith asks if, given his history with the department, he's the right guy for the job, but The Woodman opines that his history is precisely what makes him the right guy. The fact that he's the only PI game in town besides Vinnie Vanlowe probably doesn't hurt either. The Woodman asks what Keith says. Keith: "I say it sounds awkward and uncomfortable, but we need those tapes. How can I say no?" What's really awkward and uncomfortable is the job I've got to do on this episode after getting such a nice shout-out. The Woodman beams.

Hospital. The camera pans around a sleeping Meg. She opens her eyes to see Duncan, who kind of adorably and yet also a bit creepily says "Hi." Veronica pops up from a nearby chair and into Meg's view. Meg smiles and says, "Surprise!" I guess she's back to her old self. With a minor addition, that is. Duncan asks what they're going to do, and Meg tells him she doesn't know, but that her parents want her to put the baby up for adoption through an agency whose contracts are all about religious indoctrination and tough-love discipline. Given the black eyes and the crawl space in the closet, I have to wonder if we just learned the real story of where poor little Grace came from. Meg says she doesn't want her child brought up like that, and she seems pretty lucid and talkative about the whole situation given how emotional it must be for her. Oh, and given the MONTHS-LONG COMA and all. Duncan asks if he doesn't get any say, which, good question, but Meg says that her parents don't want him involved, and that their lawyers are digging up dirt on his epilepsy and blackouts and violent outbursts, ostensibly to prove he'd be an unfit parent. Well, those conditions haven't been mentioned all season, so I think Meg's parents should focus on something more recent. Perhaps they could tell the judge that they don't want the child learning line deliveries from Duncan. Seriously, though, medical history or not, Duncan is the father, which, like it or not, carries a lot of weight, and if he wanted to mount a legal pursuit of custody, I think he'd have a good chance of success, especially given how stinking rich he is. I don't necessarily expect him to know that, but I hope he at least talks to a lawyer. Perhaps Cliff's higher-end yet-just-as-snarky brother?

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