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Who Mourns For Saint Blonde?

Veronica moves on to the defense's case, which is that Aneesa is a hooker who offered the boys a three-way for eighty bucks. We see a photo of a cheap-looking motel with one of the second-floor rooms circled as Veronica goes on to say that before the three of them could get down to business, a young African-American man, "apparently her pimp," kicked the door in, fired two shots into the ceiling, and ordered the boys out. The boys said that the pimp felt that Aneesa owed him money, so they assume he's the one who beat her, although they left before that happened. Some other male juror informs us that Aneesa was convicted at age fifteen for forgery. I thought your juvenile record got sealed when you turn eighteen, but given that the juror goes on that she was convicted of a later crime for which she's still on parole, maybe that was sufficient to have it reopened. Veronica continues, saying that Aneesa claimed she called an ex-boyfriend and asked for his help, but when the cops arrived, he was nowhere to be found, and neither of the defendants had either a criminal record or a gun registered in his name. After the shots, the manager apparently waited a few minutes, and then walked toward the room. He must have been really busy with things like not calling the police. He testified that he saw a young black man with a gun run across the parking lot and leap over the six-foot fence surrounding the motel. Cap Doofus: "Boy's got some serious ups, yo," and I'll just let the African-American woman answer that for me: "[Eye-roll.]" Veronica gets to the defense's "ace in the hole": Aneesa's pimp, who turned himself in, and whose story matches the boys' version exactly. Interesting that they referred to him in that way, since he must be a pretty good poker player to have sold that bullshit story. Seriously, any prosecutor who failed to raise the idea that maybe it's a little suspicious for someone who MAKES HIS LIVING SELLING WOMEN'S SEXUAL FAVORS to come forward and get two rich white boys off the hook maybe should not be paid for his case-making abilities. Veronica pulls off Cap Doofus's accessory, puts it in the middle of the table, and asks everyone to jot down their votes and drop them in. VMVO says that this is just one lesson in civic responsibility for her, and a slightly shortened holiday for everyone. Ironic, since I once served on a murder trial that lasted an entire month, and it still seemed shorter than this scene alone. Veronica tallies the votes, and announces that there's a lone "guilty" voter. She announces, "I guess we'll all see each other first thing in the morning." Don't sound so thrilled, Veronica. No, I'm serious -- don't.

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