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Who Mourns For Saint Blonde?

Anywhere But Here. After a bit more bitchery about how much jury duty sucks, N-NW says she's satisfied that they've taken their job seriously, so she's willing to change her vote if that will still make it unanimous. However, when the new hands-in-the-air vote is taken, both the African-American woman and Veronica switch sides, although Veronica does it after the woman, like, sack up, girl. The episode title implies that we're supposed to see Veronica grandly standing up and doing what she thinks is right, so it would be nice if she raised her hand with more conviction than a second-grader asking to go to the bathroom during a test. C of I paces in frustration, and scene.

Keith arrives home to find Veronica cooking in...a cocktail dress? Okay. She's also wearing an elf hat, and the apartment is festively decked with boughs of holly and the like. Veronica tells Keith that she thought they needed at least an hour of holiday, and this is nice, but where are the scary handmade ornamentsfrom "An Echolls Family Christmas"? Oh, damn, I didn't mean to mention that episode. Now I have to pause while a bunch of you sigh wistfully about the halcyon days of yore. Veronica serves up game hens, because they "were just so cute," and then they sit down, and Keith thanks her for doing all this. They toast, and he asks, "You're drinking wine now?" Veronica: "No." Heh, and good for her. Might as well find out about that alcoholism gene sooner rather than later.

Later, Keith compliments Veronica's cooking by way of a bad Italian accent. At least my TV stayed on the stand for that one. Veronica starts to clear, but Keith tells her that Backup can handle the dishes. Well, with the game hens and all, I'm quite sure he can lick the plates clean. But despite the fact that they say the inside of a dog's mouth is cleaner than that of a human's, I still couldn't bring myself to eat off them afterward. Keith asks if Veronica would like a sneak peek at one of her Christmas presents, and after some mock reluctance, Veronica excitedly follows Keith into her bedroom. I hope if it's another waterbed, he spent some real money on it this time. Flooding is expensive.

No, it's Veronica's computer, which has a red ribbon tied around it. Keith, I think you got a little confused on the concept of regifting. But no, turns out he had the hard drive and processor replaced, and Mac promised him that it's all totally state-of-the-art. Good thing Mac likes Veronica, because I could see her putting in a few unpleasant surprises if she didn't. I wouldn't even attempt to debug a Mac-created virus. Veronica smiles and thanks Keith, and he suggests that she take it for a test drive. She wakes up the computer to see that there are two stories on the desktop about Carnell Myles, the guy who's claiming to be a pimp now. Apparently, he used to be a star athlete, but suffered a career-ending injury. Veronica watches Keith leave the room as VMVO asks, "Is there anyone in this town who doesn't know which trial I'm on?" Well, Lost was in repeats this week. (Oh, stop your hand-wringing. I gave up that show two episodes into this season.)

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