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Veronica enters Landry's class as VMVO equivocates over where she should sit in light of her dad's suspicion that Landry murdered Dean Ed. Maybe my GPA didn't mean as much to me as Veronica's does to her, but I think my vote would have been anywhere but in the classroom. Landry notices Veronica's discomfort, so he approaches and tells her that her dad's investigation won't affect their relationship one bit, and that a student like her comes along "once, maybe twice," in a career. When I first heard that, I thought it was kind of a slap in the face to treat Lucky Tim as such an afterthought. Without giving too much away, I think you'll agree that I was getting ahead of myself. Veronica's touched in spite of her misgivings, and takes her normal apple-polisher seat as Tim appears. Someone's ears are burning! He'll just want to be careful of the wig.

Interrogation room. Keith, repeating his instruction from the end of the last episode, tells Mindy to address him as "Sheriff Mars," and she asks him whey they're still there, given that Richard Grieco's prints were all over her husband's keyboard. Keith informs Mindy that the prints were on every key on the board, while it only takes eleven letters to spell out "Goodbye, cruel world." Well, that doesn't prove much, Keith. Richard Grieco might have tried out "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" and rejected it as just a little too abstract in this context. Also, Keith points out that it's not very logical that the killer would have worn gloves for the murder only to take them off to type. Mindy exasperatedly tells "Keith" that she didn't kill her husband, and Keith is all, "'Sheriff Mars.'" Dude, maybe that uniform is even more comfortable that you remembered, but seriously, we get it. Keith takes far too long to lay out the evidence -- the two men overheard fighting in her room, the car being checked out, the phone call, the Xanax -- and sternly says that it doesn't add up at all. He then sits down next to Mindy and tells her he thinks Landry killed Dean Ed. I hope Keith gets paid double for having to play both Good and Bad Cop here. He asks Mindy if she's going to take the fall with Landry, and Mindy looks, for the first time, like she's really considering the possibility that Landry might be guilty. After some tortured thought, she tells Keith what we've known for a long time: that the man arguing with Landry was Dean Ed. Mindy says that Dean Ed was furious...

...and we get thrown into one of those gold flashbacks. If I make any mistakes from here on out, I apologize in advance, but it's hard to remember things accurately after a seizure. Anyway, in the flashback as told by Mindy, Dean Ed waves his gun around and tells Landry that he can forget about tenure -- he's done, not just at Hearst, but everywhere: "No more happy days in academia bedding impressionable students and easily charmed wives!" Considering how Dean Ed and Mindy met, he pretty much called her a gullible trollop twice in that sentence. But given the situation, I can understand how he'd think it bears repeating.

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