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Mindy's lifeless body is found on the beach.

Logan catches Veronica at school. They engage in a little reasonably friendly banter, and then Logan asks her permission to ask Parker out. Tim calls to Veronica, who says she's coming, and then she tells Logan that it's fine, and thanks him for asking. Eh. It's not like Logan needs Veronica's permission, but clearly, he's only asking her because it's the only way Parker will see him again, so he gets no points for this. And Veronica seems to be okay about it, but still, I think this kind of sucks. I mean, if she says no, she looks weak and/or bitchy. But she doesn't know how it's going to feel when she actually sees Logan and Parker together, and...again, they don't need her permission, but now Logan gets to play the "Well, you SAID you were okay with it" card, and that's just stupid and annoying. Which, again, is how I feel about this whole plotline, so: moving on.

Veronica's clearly thinking a little about what just happened as she goes in to see Tim, who tells her that he's taking over Landry's classes until the school can find a replacement. He tells her it's a big job, and awkwardly and endearingly smiles as he says that since she's the star pupil, he could really use her help as his TA. Many posters pointed out that this would never happen, and I agree, but given that it's going to be irrelevant even faster than Antonella Barba, let's just say that Veronica accepts. Tim's psyched, and smilingly asks if she can pick up his dry cleaning. Veronica gives a fake laugh that says, "You get one of those. One."

Veronica's handing out some papers as Tim tells the class that he'll be teaching them for the moment. Before he can get to that, though, a student asks if they can discuss the Landry case. Tim says that's a little awkward for him, but accedes. He takes off his jacket; his subtle grandstanding here is a nice touch. He says that Landry killed Dean Ed in a crime of passion. It's a good thing the class knows some particulars here, Tim, because the way you describe it makes it sound like a slightly different scenario. Tim gives the official account of the murder, and lectures about opportunity, saying that the Dean was drunk and upset on the night of the murder. Veronica watches this with an unhappy, pensive look on her face. Tim goes on: the clothes Landry thought he incinerated got stuck in a chute, and everything unraveled. He adds that the more Landry had to improvise, the sloppier his work became. Ah, now we're up to the blackmail point, and Veronica figures out what I was referencing earlier: Landry was in jail when the phone call was presumably made. Glaring oversight on not just the Marses' part, but Tim's as well, no? I mean, on further consideration, I suppose I can forgive the Marses for initially overlooking that point, since they were so caught up in the Mindy/Landry deal, but Tim, planning this, should have realized the flaw and dismissed it as unacceptably risky. Also, a lot of people were confused as to why Tim would have bothered blackmailing the woman at all when the case against Landry was pretty strong already. That's a good question, especially given this: what would have happened if they actually found the real witness? Sure, Tim was going for the icing on the cake, but it was overly greedy, as he's finding out right now. Tim, getting a little agitated, makes the best save he can by suggesting that maybe Landry threatened the fake witness in anticipation of his arrest, but presuming that Veronica could get hold of the phone records and place the time of the call after Landry was arrested, that's not going to fly. And there's really no turning back when Tim tells the class that Landry knew Mindy had sent her children away, because Veronica never told Tim that. She reaches for her phone, takes off the back, and discovers a bug, much like the one in Landry's phone. Of course, it's insane to think that Tim was going to leave it there for Veronica eventually to find, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he hadn't had the opportunity to retrieve it yet.

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