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I have some mixed feelings about this one. I'll say up front that I enjoyed it more on repeated viewings. Couple things: a lot of people claimed that they knew Tim was the murderer -- that it was obvious all along. I don't really buy that. I can believe, out of the pool of viable suspects -- fairly small given that they had to be, you know, on the show -- that plenty of people had Tim as their frontrunner, but that's a long way from knowing, or even having good reason for suspicion. I really liked the way Tim took advantage of the fact that Mindy and Landry each had motive to kill Dean Ed, and that that fact aroused mutual suspicion in them. And even though Tim got caught, he caused lasting damage beyond Dean Ed: Mindy's dead, and Landry's going to jail a broken man. That's dark stuff. But as I alluded to a couple times, this episode dragged in a lot of spots. There was plenty of stuff that wasn't necessary to see on-screen, stuff that wouldn't have been in the final cut if the episode had more going on, and at the end of an arc, that's pretty unfortunate. Also, I really, really don't see what the secondary characters have to do with the show anymore. None of them had any significant involvement in the arc mystery, and besides Mac in "Show Me The Monkey," none of them had any particular role to play in the MotWs either. I liked most of the MotWs quite a bit, and the two-parter was especially good, but that was all Veronica and Keith. I mean, when all you can do with four of your characters is send them on a goofy scavenger hunt, you're completely separating them from what's supposed to be the integral noir element of the show. I'm not saying everyone has to be all dark, all the time, but most of the recurring characters were noir-free the whole time. Contrast that with the first arc, where everyone had a key role to play somewhere along the line, and most of them were active participants in the finale. I mean, I understand that the ultimate point of the Logan/Parker thing is to reveal some truths about Veronica's character, but...this is Duncan and Meg redux, masked by the fact that Logan is so much more popular a character than Duncan was. And let's not even get into the fact that Wallace could be effectively played by a sock puppet these days, as long as it learned to shoot a free throw or two. I liked Veronica in this set of episodes, I liked the main mystery, and I liked that some real detective work was done. But with the possible exception of Bronson, it doesn't feel like there are any wild cards remaining even among the tertiary cast. Combine that with the loss of the mystery arcs, and I just wonder what kind of show we're going to have from here on out. But I won't have to worry about that for several weeks, so I think I'll leave it at that. See you in May for the five stand-alones!

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