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Mindy says that Dean Ed could have killed Landry's chances at every reputable college in the country, and that Landry's career means everything to him. He freaked out, so she left to try to talk Dean Ed down. She went to the house first, but his car wasn't there, so she tried the office. Keith asks about the phone call, and Mindy tells him that Landry wanted to know how it went. Keith: "How did it go?"

In flashback, we see Dean Ed's window getting egged, and him turning and asking what an unidentified person is doing there. But now we learn that the person is Mindy, and she asks Dean Ed to be merciful. She claims that she gave him his bottle of Xanax to calm him down, but he took three pills, which Keith says "practically left him helpless." Given how much Dean Ed'd had to drink that night, I would think three pills could have killed him. Or at least caused him to babble incoherently on national television and flirt with Simon Cowell.

Mindy says that she was there for five minutes; Dean Ed yelled at her, she left, end of story. Keith considers this for a moment, and then asks her what she told Landry. Mindy reveals that when she got back to the hotel, Landry was gone. Something about this doesn't add up; if, at 1:30, Mindy had been gone from the hotel room long enough that Landry called her and asked how things went, how is it that she didn't even check the car out until 1:51? I know that service during the graveyard shift can be pretty dodgy, but that still seems extreme to me. Given that no one ever mentions this, I think the show simply screwed up the timeline here. Also, I guess we're to infer that Landry ordered the movie and bailed out halfway through, which is fine, but the fact that he still knew the ending shows how incredibly stupid Veronica's fishing technique was in the first place. Keith asks whether, when Mindy hired Keith, it didn't occur to her that perhaps Landry was the killer, but Mindy tells him that while she was sure Dean Ed didn't kill himself, she was also certain that the culprit was someone other than Landry, since Dean Ed had a lot of enemies. Keith asks Mindy if she'll testify that Landry was worked up at the thought of losing his career, and she says she will. Keith starts to leave the room, but stops to muse that, of the three men he's known in Mindy's life, two are dead, and the state might render the third the same way. Mindy asks how she's supposed to react to that. Keith: "Reflexively." A lot of people on the boards wondered what he meant by that. I think he confused Mindy too, because I don't think he was advising her to buy a boat and get sort of murdered. Keith, less mysteriously, tells Mindy not to leave town.

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