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Lucky Tim uncertainly enters the holding area, and Landry notes, "Tim. Of course. It's always Tim." He sounds equal parts grateful and bitter, which is interesting. Landry tells Tim that he didn't kill Dean Ed, but starts to admit that the case against him is pretty bad. He tells Tim that there are two things he can do: one, Landry found a bug in his phone, so he'd like to know who put it there and how long it's been there. As stated in the last recap, I can't believe both Marses just forgot about this point. Maybe now Keith thinks that Landry was just trying to throw him off the scent, but even before the clothes were found, neither of them ever showed the slightest bit of interest in that point. And the second thing? "I need you to find a needle in a haystack." If this were The Amazing Race, Tim would be getting covered in poo very soon. More's the pity.

At night, Veronica's alone at Mars Investigations when she sees the light from a flashlight and hears someone fumbling at the door. She quickly shuts off her lamp and withdraws into Keith's office. Through the door, Veronica sees Tim go to her desk and start ineptly rifling through it. She turns on the light, startling Tim enough to send him collapsing in a heap. It looks like Veronica idly thinks about going for her taser, but doesn't even bother. Sure, Tim might be a vicious, premeditative, vengeful murderer, but you have to admit that that's a worst-case scenario. Tim gets to his feet and tells Veronica that he's trying to help Landry by retrieving the bug he gave to Keith. Veronica asks what that would do, since the bugs don't have serial numbers or any other distinguishing notations. Tim defensively says that he didn't know that, and asks what Veronica would do. Veronica: "Well, first, I'd break into someone's office, act really weaselly, and then ask their advice." Tim's way ahead of you, hon, especially considering the wig. Tim tells Veronica that he's desperate, because Mindy is framing Landry, but Landry's a great man, and Tim's going to do whatever he can to help him. Again, this is a point that rings a bit false on second watch: Veronica is well aware that the bloom is long off the rose of Tim's hero worship of Landry, so I'm surprised she's not a little wary here. It's possible that she's projecting a little, though. Tim relays the information about Landry buying cigarettes and giving a couple away, and hotly says that he's Landry's only hope, unless Veronica helps him. Veronica can't help smiling at the idea that Tim wants her aid. He admits that he's not good in the field, and says he's more of a thinker: "You might be an asset." I'll admit that that's high praise coming from Tim, but given that it's the arc finale, I could have done without Veronica smiling at his words for fifteen years.

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