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Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls...

Back from the break, Veronica and Tim are at the convenience store, and some guy who is most certainly not Jeff Anderson, after telling Veronica that the security camera isn't hooked up, denies any recollection of Landry and says that lots of people come through there. Well, sure, but how many of them are featured in the Hearst "Big Men On Campus" faculty calendar? Veronica gets nowhere with the guy, and Tim huffs that their cause is hopeless, since the purported witness could have been anyone. Veronica doesn't even have time to give him a "Buck up, little camper" speech, as two ladies who don't seem out of their element at this time of night enter. Veronica: "Or, she could have been a down-on-her-luck Catholic schoolgirl smuggling cantaloupes in her shirt." Hee. She returns to the clerk and asks if they're filming a Mötley Crüe video, and he informs her that "Strip City" is just across the street, and that 3 AM is the shift change. You know, the owner really shouldn't have cut corners with the surveillance system, because I'd bet this guy has lifted an awful lot of singles from the till. Veronica, with Tim in tow, approaches the women and asks if they've seen Landry. The sassy "blonde" one asks if they're a detective team, and Tim starts to confirm that, but he's so wordy about it that Veronica's able to deftly cut in that she's looking for her dad, who disappeared without paying the rent again. She gets funny with an earnest "I'm sure there's a valid reason," and Sassy has to tell her the reason is that men are scum. She relents and takes another look at the picture, but says that she would have remembered seeing Landry. Veronica asks if maybe they bummed a cigarette off him, prompting the brunette to get all offended and ask if they look like they smoke. Tim, with just the right-timed pause: "Yes." Hee. The brunette says that it's bad for the skin, but that they should try the next night: "Tori" is on, and "she smokes like a big old slutty chimney."

Cafeteria. Look, I love Parker, and I've got little enough against Logan at this point in the game ["bumfights" -- Wing Chun], but this really has nothing to do with what this show is supposed to be about. It just doesn't, so, bare bones: Logan joins Parker, she gives him mild shit about skipping Econ class (which I suppose she should, given that he was one absence away from flunking it two episodes ago), they clearly like each other, Wallace sees them together, the end. Didn't you always think the best use of Wallace's character would be as a yenta?

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