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Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls...

Mindy signs for the life-insurance money from Dean Ed's death. I'd tell her not to spend it all in one place, but it's not like she's going to listen, and given what's to come, it's obviously for the best.

At a marina, Mindy buys a large yacht. Well, they didn't drag it out, at least.

Wallace tells Veronica about the lunch; she doesn't care in the slightest. She does ask him which Gilmore Girl he is, though. Oy, so Stars Hollow is a fictional place in the Marsverse? I don't usually mind the meta that much, but...what show is on after it? At least the clearance people didn't have to work too hard for that one.

At the sheriff's station, Veronica brings in some donuts and tells Sacks, wiether regard to Keith, to leave a jelly if he knows what's good for him. Sacks: "Last time you said that you didn't get any jellies. I almost had a heart attack." I guess now we know how important Lamb's bear claws were to him. While Sacks is preoccupied, Veronica not-so-subtly pulls a folder out of a cabinet. Veronica pops into Keith's office and says she likes it better when they're not civilians. Well, at least Landry will be relieved that Veronica gave up Mars Investigations about as easily as Britney gave up rehab. Keith mildly asks where Veronica got Landry's case file, and I'm with the posters who thought that Keith allowing her all access to the office is pretty ridiculous. I know they're not that used to competence around here, but still. Veronica wants to review Landry's testimony to help confirm his alibi, Keith is skeptical, and then Sacks tells Keith the DA is on the phone for him. Keith gives his permission (like it even matters) but suggests that she get used to the idea that he might have done it. He takes the call, and we learn that Mindy is missing.

Outside the convenience store, Tim asks why Mindy would leave if she isn't guilty. Veronica thinks maybe Mindy set Dean Ed up to be killed by Grieco, a guy who could be bought. Tim is skeptical, since he thinks everyone hated Dean Ed. Veronica: "Not everyone." Hey Veronica: jinx! The strippers approach, and Tim notes the one who's smoking. Veronica sends him in to get his Field PA Merit Badge. I'd worry about Tim being out of his depth with the stripper, but then I remember that he dated Bonnie. Veronica's phone rings, and Keith tells her that Mindy skipped town and shipped her kids to her parents in England. He asks if Veronica will be home soon, but she sees a brunette woman dressed all in black approaching, and, needing to cover all the bases, hangs up on Keith and rushes over to her. Veronica shows her the picture (I know it's a nitpick, but they brought two pictures?) and asks if she's ever seen Landry. The response: "Few months ago. Gave me a cigarette. Why?" Well, because we need an appropriately dramatic revelation with which to send it to commercial.

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