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Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls...

Logan joins Parker in the cafeteria, but she tells him that having a friend like Veronica is important to her, and that she's worried. Logan gets the message and leaves.

Veronica is sitting on Landry's leather couch, looking through a photo album at a picture of what VMVO calls Landry's "cuddly old grandpa." He may be cuddly, Veronica, but given his grandson's proclivities, I hope you remembered to Febreze the couch before you sat down. Tim joins her with a picture of Landry and Mindy together at what looks like an outdoor bar, and a cell phone he found in the office trash. Veronica asks what Landry was doing with a disposable cell phone, and then tells Tim to get a pen and paper. She presses redial on the menu, and when some guy answers, she pretends to be a recording from a radio station, telling the guy he may have just won a new iPod, and he should press the pound key to claim his prize. Dude, unless it comes with a free service contract as well, I'd advise you to hang up the phone. There's a funny moment as the guy apparently is figuring out which is the pound key. I hope he didn't have to look it up on the internet, because to me that somehow has "end of days" written all over it. When the guy finally hits the button, Veronica puts him on hold and, after some unnecessary babbling from Tim, Veronica picks the call back up, pretends to be from the radio station, and gets the guy's name and address. Tim smiles in dorky appreciation...

...and then Tim and Veronica are knocking on the guy's door. When the teenaged kid answers, Veronica introduces herself as "Crockett," and says that Tim is "Mr. Tubbs." How come she never tries Hunter and McCall? Poor Stepfanie Kramer gets no respect. They say that they're conducting an investigation, and Veronica asks how he knows Landry. The kid confesses that it's from the juvie board. Wow, I'm impressed that the writers dug that up, because this is the third time I've seen the episode, and I honestly forgot until now that that plot point was covered in the season premiere. Anyway, the kid goes on to say that he and some of his buddies stole some cough syrup from a drugstore, but before he can get any further, his mother comes barking to the door, and demanding to know what's going on...and it's the woman from the parking lot who claimed to have bummed the cigarette from Landry. The woman looks busted, and Veronica and Tim amusingly turn to each other with satisfied looks on their faces. I say give them a spinoff, as long as you can wait twenty-five years to life.

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