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Veronica enters the pool area in what looks to be a small apartment complex. She flashes back to Duncan in the pool, who tells her that their song is playing, which is "Just Another" by Pete Yorn (thanks to RubyRose for that one). It's a surprise party, for what I think was her sixteenth birthday, thrown by her mother and friends, including all the kids who were at the popular table. Her mother is played by Corinne Bohrer, who's one of those people who's been in tons of stuff, and whom you might remember recently as Rocky's mom on Joan of Arcadia. The only impression I really have of her is that she looks like a blonde Shelley Duvall. And nothing against Shelley Duvall as a person, but in fairness to Ms. Bohrer, I'm going to try to keep an open mind to thinking of her in some other way, because it's not really the most flattering description in the book. Anyway, Veronica's pulled out of the flashback by a black woman asking her to open the gate, since she's laden down with groceries. The song continues as we cut to Veronica opening her door and being happily greeted by a pit bull. Boy, I hope she introduces him to that Logan kid. "Chopper, sic balls!" Cut to the beach, where Veronica throws a tennis ball for the doggy. She sees Wallace flying a radio-controlled airplane. They tentatively wave at each other. Not exactly the end of Casablanca, but it's a start.

Veronica parks her car on what looks like the main drag. VMVO: "I was shocked to discover Celeste Kane's car outside Dad's office. Duncan's mom: She hates me almost as much as she adores her son." Yeah, I'm sensing Veronica's not exactly going to be prom queen this year, and if she is, it'll be in the Carrie way. Which...would be pretty cool, actually. Veronica enters the office, but no one's in the main room. No one, that is, until some dude comes sliding in on an oil slick. Caused by his hair. This scene's kind of boring, so here's the short version: Veronica helps her dad, who's now a PI, seemingly quite a lot. This dude, it would appear, is a sleazy lawyer who throws cases their way. He's got a client who dances at "The Seventh Veil" who was arrested for vandalism, and to get off, she's willing to rat out her employers regarding some illegality with their liquor license. He leaves, and the ostensible Celeste Kane immediately emerges from Veronica's dad's office, saying she doesn't like him or having to retain his services. Considering that she looks like a reject from Designing Women, I can't imagine he's too thrilled about it either. In any case, she says she knows he'll be dogged and resourceful, and adds, "I'll need it right away." She leaves. Veronica gives her dad a look of slight betrayal. Her dad, played by Enrico Colantoni, somewhat sheepishly tells her hello, and disappears back into his office. Veronica goes to the window and balefully looks at Celeste driving off. "Sure, she's a bitch. But can you blame her? After all, Dad did try to send her husband to jail for life." And not being able to hold a candle to Dixie Carter doesn't help either.

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