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Flashback. VMVO tells her that she went to a party at a popular girl's house to show everyone that "their whispers and backstabbing didn't affect" her. Well, that's...kind of dumb. She admits that it was a mistake, as we see everyone looking at her like she's Typhoid Mary or something. The only person who looks conflicted is Duncan, but that could be because of the girl next to him who's treating his neck like a salt lick. VMVO tells her that someone gave her a drink, and it turns out it was your basic "rum, coke, and roofie." Her vision goes blurry, and she staggers to a chaise longue and passes out. The music goes all breathy and weird. When she awakes, she's in a bed somewhere. She discovers her underwear lying on the floor. Well, I'm no PI, but I think I might have an idea of what happened. A tear rolls out of each of Veronica's eyes, and, as MANY people pointed out on the forums, the tears are coming from the wrong place in each of her eyes. And I'd laugh at you, but I read Encyclopedia Brown too, so I don't have a leg to stand on. Although there's one person who would be even less popular than Veronica Mars. What a fucking know-it-all. We see Veronica taking "the Walk of, REALLY," as VMVO tells us that she never told her dad what happened. Um, yeah, I could see that.

Back in the present, Jake Kane comes out of the motel room. He lingers at the door long enough for us to see that there's someone else in there, but we only see her hand (or his hand, I suppose, but it looks like a woman's, anyway. Once you've been to enough gay bars, you learn to develop a discerning eye.)

God, this Taye Diggs show looks crappy. Couldn't they find a better way to showcase the fact that he's hot?

School parking lot. Veronica's walking when Logan pulls up next to her. He calls her "Ronnie, " invites her to go surfing with them, and just acts like an unctuous, odious ass. When he taunts her about her mother, though, Duncan, who's next to him, tells him to stop. They drive off as VMVO tells us, "It's been eight months since I've seen my mother." Someone on the forums made the point that everything has happened to this girl, and it's just a lot to take. I sort of agree that the ballast of the backstory threatens to drag the episode down, but on the other hand, it seems like the series is going mostly to be about the backstory, at least for a while. I'll be annoyed if they lay all this out and then go nowhere with it -- like if they don't devote an arc to finding out who raped her, for instance. But for now, I can live with it, especially since Veronica never presents these events like she's begging for sympathy. Anyway, VMVO tells us that a month after Keith lost his job, her mom split, leaving just a unicorn music box and a note saying she'd be back for her some day. So that means it's been less than a year since Lily's murder. Veronica angrily throws them both into the wastebasket, which again, I like -- she's not all woe-is-me about it. She's mad, as she should be, because her mom? Kind of sucks.

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