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...where he's nearly run down by Jane in her rageful way out to the parking lot. She says she's riding home with "Kate," and at Wallace's "Who, me?" bullshit, gives it up: Kate saw him kissing Jackie. To his credit, Wallace doesn't blame Jackie, just admits to messing up, but Jane's too locked into her Queen Bees sexist paradigm to hear him: "She's always around you! Hanging on you! You couldn't resist?" Bad enough, okay, with the girl-hating, but still. As long as she doesn't immediately crawl back into hell. Like a stupid fucking puppy dog, she does. Jane? We're done. It was fun for the forty minutes we had, but you can now go fuck yourself. I realize you're in high school, and that's about 60% of an actual excuse, but I am agenda-free when I tell you that I hope he rips you in two by the end of the episode. You have to vote for yourself, first and last and always. Otherwise, you deserve what you get. I'm really proud of the five seconds you held out. Hope that works out for you.

Mac and Cassidy, in the hallway, discuss the relative "sucktastic" nature of the dance, and Mac says that "the night's still young," and that they could go back to his place. Since he doesn't have parents, just perverts and squatters. Grasping, he notes that Dick's there. She's like, "Dick is...always there?" And he grasps more: "Yeah, I don't...feel like dealing with him." Mac stops him again, and points out that if they stay in Beaver's room, they won't have to deal with Dick. Beav's like, "If only that were true." They kiss, there's sad music, sad Beaver, and Mac finally just holds him. Just wraps her arms around him and holds him until he stops shaking. "Of course, we still have eight stops left on Pizza Quest '06," she says lightly, and Beaver keeps mumbling, "It's just, you know, with Dick there..." Mac watches Beaver wander off, and bites her lip. Nobody shows up to tell her how very out of her league this shit just got. Girl needs some friends.

Gia, over that last: "For a friendship to work, you have to be completely honest, which is something I have absolutely no problem with, but you, you run from the truth." He says, completely truthfully, "Only when it's true." Man, I bet he wishes for a day when there's one rumor about him that isn't true. Or when there's a thing he doesn't have to run from. "I think you use sarcasm and anger as a way of keeping people from getting too close to you," Gia notes, and Logan agrees: "You know? I do. But it doesn't always work." I like how Gia's playing this -- you'd think Logan was just Advanced Dick, in terms of the Bad Boy concept, but she's really just regarding him like a particularly well-toned science experiment, which is cool -- but the camera-commanding performance comes, as usual, from Logan, whose fists and knuckles would like very much to throw Gia into outer space even as he's carelessly answering her comments, and not even because she's particularly right, because the "insights" she's having wouldn't blow the mind of a toddler so it's not like she's cracking any particular masks with this crap. Veronica walks up as Gia's saying, "Tell me what you think about me! Seriously! Be completely honest." Logan's eyes go wide, he cracks his knuckles and stretches with a huge "you asked for it" grin...and Veronica grabs him: "Dance with me." It's hilarious. I do like some funny with my horrible, but especially if it's quality funny, and that face he just made? That's quality.

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