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What A Non-Incorporated Municipality Without Pity Can Do

A guy comes running up -- as, outside, Woody poses and smiles with various people -- and tells Woody that there's a motorcycle chained up underneath the stadium, about to be dust. (I swear I was like, "But Lamb doesn't need the actual bike to prove he knows who Thumper is, so why...Oh. Oh. Fuck, dude. That's rough!") Woody asks if everybody is out of the building, and the guy says that they blew the strange, honking horn a dozen times, and "the guys" did a walk-through, and Woody says that somebody's going to lose a bike, then.

Veronica calls Keith in to watch the demolition on the news, at home.

Logan cutely presses the plunger: it's his all-time dream, where everything's destroyed but nobody dies.

Thumper hears the stadium coming down around him.

We watch the demolition on TV, Keith's nose to Veronica's head like you do with your kid. They smile. It's exciting! Out with the old and in with the incorporation. Everybody likes a demolition.

Over the creepy children's laughter at the end of the song, Weevil goes to the booth: "It's been a long, long time since my last confession."

The end. Thanks to you guys, and Couch Baron, and Wing Chun, and remember, next week: new night, same time. Tuesday. Don't forget!

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