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What A Non-Incorporated Municipality Without Pity Can Do

Back in real time, Weevil is sad about dicking Felix around all the time, and also about how Felix is dead. I always feel like I should make a Battlestar-style distinction between "Eli with a heart" and "Weevil with a hawg," because the saddest thing about that is how Veronica might be the only person who knows the difference. Well, that and his spontaneously exploding group of family members.

Nearby, Veronica is making nice with Wallace's girlfriend Jane about how the Sadie Hawkins is to be sponsored by the FBLA, and Jane waxes ecstatic that "dances are the best fundraisers." Veronica makes her first Veronica statement of the episode: "This face right here? My over-the-moon face." Jane laughs, and Veronica admits that she'll be working the dance. I can't shake this feeling that Veronica's cool as long as she owns Wallace, which is why she doesn't worry about Jane at all, or act weird around her, because...Jane is no Jackie. You know? The episode seems to agree. "You work it, girlfriend," says Wallace, desperate to be involved in this conversation, because Veronica talking to any girl he knows is tantamount to them talking about him as though he's not there, even if he is. Which: this show gets such good press about how it allows Veronica to be an asshole so much of the time, and I have to say I agree, but I'm always heartened to see the dynamic with Wallace explored in this way. I'm not going to go all "Bullshit! Bullshit!" about her treatment of him, because I think it's realistic given his Xander status with the ladies, basketball or no, and their relationship -- if he was a girl, she'd still be like that. Which I like, because it's a character thing and not a boy-girl thing, which makes it not a boy thing for Wallace, not emasculating or anything. Veronica clarifies that she'll be "workin' it" by taking "keepsake couples' photos." They all three giggle and bond, and Jane interjects that she is -- given it's a Sadie Hawkins -- still deciding between a "sweet band dork" and an "all-hands Nubian prince." And Veronica gives the only response a person could: "Oooh, tell me more about dork!" Still with the cute and the smiles, and Jane goes for Wallace's cake, and he says she'll lose a hand if she tries it, and it's very nice and normal. So of course, I'm thinking Plan B is: Jane gets abducted and set on fire by the end of the episode -- I've been around the block in Neptune. But no. What happens is maybe worse, if you remember high school at all. I barely do, and I still feel for Jane.

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