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...and then she's approaching Tina, the Grand employee who helped Veronica and Logan before. Tina sunnily greets Veronica as "Logan's girlfriend." It's a good thing that it's the dead of winter -- Veronica's blanching at that statement isn't as obvious as it would be in August. She pauses only briefly before confirming that that's right, and quickly extracts this information: "Rory Finch," Landry's alias, hasn't been at the Grand since December 10th; a dessert was ordered to the room around midnight; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was ordered on Pay-Per-View at 2:02 AM; Jeff Ratner was working the graveyard shift at the time: "They stuck him on the shift after they busted him for stealing toiletries." Veronica raises an eyebrow: "Ratner, eh?" Hee. I'm glad he wasn't fired over what Veronica did to him, but he was kind of a dick to her, so I can't get too bent out of shape over his sleep schedule getting screwed up.

Heather excitedly leads Logan out to the living room and tells him that she called some radio station a couple hundred times; she finally got through, and they're going to play her song. Logan tells her that local calls are two dollars each, and her face falls like a teeny little E-Z-Bake Oven soufflé. However, Logan was kidding. Heh.

Down in the Grand's kitchen, Veronica is looking for Ratner. She passes by a radio that is dedicating a song from "a very sad boy to a very special girl. Veronica, this is from Logan. He's sorry, girl, and he wants you back." Veronica stops in her tracks, turns around, and looks at the radio, which is playing Nick Lachey's "What's Left Of Me." Hee hee. Veronica fails to see the rampant humor here, and clicks off the song. She then turns and runs straight into Ratner, who snarks, "Take it from the guy who has to clean up after him: you don't want what's left of Logan Echolls." Ratner's pretty proud of that line, but he's not nearly as clever as he thinks he is, given that he could Ebay Logan's half-eaten pork chops and retire on the proceeds. He says that Logan lies in bed all day, but Veronica's turned off the part of her brain that's affected by Nick Lachey, and faux-cheerily greets Jeff: "Let's talk crème brulee."

Logan, to his credit, is horrified at Heather's effort, but she babbles that Veronica will love it, and girls love feeling special, and people in love shouldn't break up. That may sound hopelessly naïve, but it does earn her a pat on the head from Logan, so I guess she's doing something right. Logan leaves the room, and Heather follows him and says she's starting to feel like a shut-in. She asks if there's a workout room. Logan says he'll show her.

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