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Mars Investigations. Veronica produces a copy of Dean Ed's recommendation. It's short and to the point, but positively glowing, and Veronica and Keith are both deeply moved. They agree to honor Dean Ed by jailing his killer. And this is maybe a little heavy-handed, but we do know that Dean Ed really liked Veronica, and besides, I'm all for anything that gets Veronica and Keith working together on a big case.

Logan's back to moping in bed when Dick calls from the road and asks him if he knows a good lawyer. Logan: "I know a lawyer." Hee. Somehow, I don't think Cliff would take offense. Dick says that they'll be back in a couple of hours, and then tells him that "Wifeypoo" wants to talk to him. He hands the phone off to Melinda, who tells him that Heather's Little Miss Sunshine thing is new, since she went a little wiggy when their dad walked out on them, and that Logan should make sure Heather takes her Prozac or she'll drive him nuts. Logan looks worried, and I don't blame him, since it looks like Dick might actually be the more responsible member of his newfound marriage, and that's a terrifying thought indeed.

Cut to Logan knocking on Heather's door. She tells him to go away, but he offers to take her for ice cream. She opens the door, and they smile at each other. See, you don't really need designer drugs as long as you're not lactose-intolerant.

Mars Investigations. Mindy enters and tells Keith that his message sounded urgent. Keith asks her what she can tell him about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and she doesn't know anything other than that it's a movie. Upon hearing the Pay-Per-View thing, Mindy speculates that Landry started it after she fell asleep. This line of questioning is a lot more damning than Veronica's, especially since Mindy was supposedly on her toothpaste-buying excursion only half an hour before the movie was ordered. You'd think she'd at least be aware that Landry was getting the movie, even if she didn't watch it. Keith goes on to tell her about the car's checkout and return times. Mindy, more concerned now, says that someone must be framing her. Giving her one last chance, Keith brings up the overheard fight, which Mindy says must have been the TV, and we, the viewers, know she's lying on this point. Keith yells that he doesn't believe her, so she tells him he's off the case. She turns to go, but Keith isn't done: "You can fire me, Mrs. O'Dell, but you can't take me off the case. I quite liked your husband." Mindy looks cowed, and exits before she can get Keith even more in bloodhound mode. If that's possible. By the way? Keith's best scene in a long, long time. Love.

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