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Logan and Heather get off the elevator as Heather admits that Logan's place's ice cream is better than the one she recommended. Logan tells her that they can play the videogame on line, and that they should have a weekly tournament. They enter Logan's suite to find the newlyweds mid-fight about the fact that Dick was insensitive about one of Melinda's second toes being longer than her big toe. Melinda snaps at Heather to get her stuff, which she does, but she pauses to tell Logan that Fridays at 4 are good for her, and to give him a big hug. Awwww. Dick salutes Melinda, which I'm guessing is ASL for "Let's get an annulment ASAP." Logan grins, "There goes the old ball and chain, huh?" Hee.

Veronica returns to jail, and gives Josh a couple of books. He opens one of them, and flips a few pages to see that it's been hollowed out, and contains peanut-butter cookies. God, Veronica, you didn't even put them in a plastic bag? I know Lamb's not always the brightest, but he's in law enforcement. His nose knows the smell of baked goods. Josh thanks her, and then tells her that he's been thinking it over, and that the killer has to be Mason, so she should find the gun. Veronica gently tells him that if Mason did do it, he probably threw the gun in the ocean. Here's a question: was the bullet that killed the coach found? If so, could that narrow down the types of gun that could have been used? And you'd think Mason's gun was registered if he showed it off so casually, right? Maybe I'm overthinking things, but given that I'm only on page 14 here, what are the chances? Anyway, there's a weird pan up to an old guy in the top bunk, and then we go back down to watch Josh eat a cookie.

At school, Dick and Logan jauntily head into Economics class together, and Logan presents his teacher with a shiny red apple, asking, "Miss me?" If he's referring to non-mopey-emo Logan, the answer is likely to be yes.

Landry is lecturing when Lamb interrupts and calls Veronica's name. She reluctantly raises her hand, which Lamb grabs and cuffs, telling her that she's under arrest for aiding and abetting Josh's escape. When I first saw this, I thought she had put something in the second book that Josh used to escape. From Veronica's reaction when the charge is read, though, I'm now thinking she didn't know anything about it. I guess we'll find out...NEXT WEEK! (In the meantime, don't email me.)

Speaking of which, the next episode looks AWESOME. From what I can tell, Cliff bails Veronica out. Josh goes nuts and kidnaps Mason, using duct tape and all, and interrogates him in front of Veronica. Lamb shoots a gun. Can't wait!

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