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Sometime later, the custodial staff is working away as a freshly-showered Dick comes out onto the balcony and asks, "You're not still looking for the fire, right?" You know his line's awesome when it doesn't matter whether he's serious or joking. Dick goes on to relay the message from their professor: "Sad state of affairs when I'm the academic on the balcony." When did Dick develop a capacity for understatement? In an effort to take the word "segue" out of the dictionary, he tells Logan that he met a girl a couple of weeks ago at a party, and sings that she's "Haaaaahhhhhhht! Like, volcanic hot. Like, I might have to use an oven mitt to feel her up." Hee. And aw, because Dick is clearly very proud of that line, and even Nish would have given it a more enthusiastic reaction. Dick goes on to say that the girl is coming over that night, and she's bringing her sister, and a hot sister is the recommended treatment "for pathetic sad-sackery." Logan denies interest, but Dick pushes the swim team's beach party: "You can wear your t-shirt that says 'I'd rather be home crying!'" Hee. Dick leaves Logan staring out into space.

Mars Investigations. Veronica busts into Keith's office mid-babble, which is a habit of which you'd think she might be cured. Anyway, Josh and his mom, along with Cliff (whee!) are in with Keith, and Keith seriously tells her that "Coach Barry" was found murdered near the PCH. Veronica gapes in shock as Keith goes on that Lamb suspects Josh, and Josh and his mom are asking them to find the real killer. I don't know, Josh, you might be screwed here. After all, quitters never win. Credits.

Back at the same tableau, Josh tells Keith what he claims to have told Lamb, which is that, after losses, his dad would go to this little turnout by the PCH that overlooks the ocean. Sometime after he quit, knowing he'd find his dad there, Josh went out to talk to him. When he got there, he thought at first that his dad was already gone, since his car wasn't there. However, he quickly noticed his dad lying nearby, rushed over, and found him dead of a gunshot wound. He couldn't get a cell-phone signal there, and he panicked, thinking about his mom and his brother Bobby, so he just went home to break the news to them. His mom pipes up to say that Josh seemed like he was in shock, and had blood all over his shirt, so she told him to take a shower so that Bobby wouldn't see him like that. Jeez, Mrs. Coach, how's he going to man up if you keep coddling him like that? Keith asks why Lamb suspected Josh, and Cliff pipes up to say that someone must have found "Tom's" body and called it in, because after Josh was done with his shower, Lamb arrived. He found the bloody clothes and Tom's NIT championship ring. Keith asks about the ring, and Josh claims that, after he quit, he took a shower, and when he went to his locker, the ring was in there. He thought it was an olive branch from his dad, which is why he went out to the PCH to find him. I should point out that it seems awfully unlikely, if Josh's story is true, that someone found the body after he did. That person would have had to happen upon it (no likely feat, with no car there to attract attention), get to an area with cellular service, and call it in. Plus, if the call simply told of the location of the body, wouldn't normal procedure be for Lamb to go to the scene of the crime, rather than to the Barry house? Even at this early point and without Mason's later testimony, it sounds like either Josh is being specifically framed, which fits with the ring's mysteriously showing up in his locker, or he's lying about at least some of his story, whether he's the killer or not. Anyway, Mom thinks the PCHers clearly carjacked and killed her husband, but Josh thinks a "Mel Stoltz" hated his dad and might be responsible. I'll save a little time and tell you that Stoltz is the alumnus who leaned on Dean Ed to restore the Greek system. Keith assures them that they'll look into the case: "And don't worry about the sheriff. He has a long and proud history of being wrong." Well, Keith, that may be, but you'll forgive me for switching sports here if I point out that your family batting average hasn't been all that hot lately either.

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