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Soon after, Cliff shuts the door behind the bereaved widow and her son, and tells Keith that Lamb is pretty serious about going after Josh. Keith asks Cliff if he believes the wife's story. Cliff says he does, but adds, "I've believed many things that turned out to be lies." That would make a good title for Cliff's memoirs, and if that time that woman handcuffed him to the bed is indicative of what he's talking about, he might have a bestseller on his hands. Keith asks whether Bobby can back up the story, but Cliff informs him that Bobby is severely autistic. Veronica has just been silent and looked confused this entire scene. I guess that answers the question of whether she still thinks about Duncan.

Dick is cleaning up the living room and bitching at Logan for the mess as he tosses a sock onto Logan's head: "You're lucky you're rich. This would be completely disgusting." Somehow, I think Dick's been on the receiving end of that very remark, albeit probably in a different context. Anyway, there's a knock at the door, and Dick goes to answer it. Logan does sit up with some degree of expectancy, so his depression perhaps isn't quite enough to overcome his libido. He is in college, after all. However, it turns out that while "Melinda," Dick's date, is certainly quite hot, her sister, "Heather," is only eleven. Dick introduces them, and then gives a hilarious surreptitious "Whoops! I didn't know!" hand gesture. Hee. Logan snarks, "Which one's yours?" Don't even joke.

Veronica finds Weevil somewhere and tells him she's interested in talking to the current leader of the PCHers. Weevil gets all het up about how he's on the straight and narrow. Madison's car would probably object if it weren't just happy not to be a hundredth of its current size. Veronica says that it's official business, and that she can get him a few hundred bucks. He looks at her with a combination of skepticism, resignation, and large, large zits. (Hey, I realize he may be having a rough go of it with the steroids or whatever. But that last shot of him could have been lit somewhat...less.)

Heather is surveying the room as Melinda irritatingly whines that she wants to go to the beach party "so baaaaad." If I were you, Logan, I'd be pretty happy with your lot, especially since Heather is being played by Juliette Goglia, best known for her role as Little Girl God on Joan Of Arcadia. Even though she's ditched the antennae, you should know I have no defense against this actress, although, in fairness, I think a large majority of viewers of that show share that weakness. My point is, Logan's getting the better deal here, whether he knows it yet or not. Dick, who's sitting on the couch with Melinda HOLDING HANDS, asks Logan if maybe he could keep an eye on... "No," Logan responds. Heh. Heather, however, pipes up that she doesn't need a babysitter -- she can just watch TV. Dick doesn't need any more than that, as he slings Melinda over his back and fireman-carries her out as she squeals at Heather to be good. I can see why Dick likes her. She's just toe-riffic. Logan says that he's going to bed, and gives Heather the TV remote with an admonition to stay out of the porn. Heather: "Gross." Too bad -- I would have at least liked to see the titles they have queued up. In a suite shared by Logan and Dick, I'd think you'd find a market for girls, guys, and probably certain members of the animal kingdom gone wild.

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