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A large sign on the wall tells us that we're at "Stoltz Industries." Keith, sitting on a couch in the waiting area, looks at his watch, and then gets up and tells the nearby receptionist that he's been waiting for an hour. She's not all that helpful, and when Keith hears loud chuckling coming from an office, he drops the pleasantries and heads inside over the receptionist's objections. I've been tempted to do that at the doctor's office, but I always worried that that might have an effect on the quality of care given. When a doctor makes you wait an hour and a half and doesn't take your insurance, your faith in his commitment to the Hippocratic Oath is going to be somewhat compromised. Anyway, Stoltz has an earpiece in his ear, but is practicing putting at the same time. Well, it does seem logical that a CEO would be good at multitasking. Keith barges in and asks if he wanted the coach dead, and asks where he was at the time of his murder. Stoltz gets off his call (good thinking, there) and says that Barry was a loser: it had been six years since Hearst's last conference title. He adds that he would have been happy to see him fired, but that "dead does the trick just as well." You know, for a guy who was so bent out of shape when fraternities were banned on campus, he doesn't seem to place too much stock in the concept of brotherhood. He adds that he was on a private company plane coming back from Seattle at the time of the murder. Keith says he'll check into that. Stoltz: "You do that."

After a quick, clichéd overhead spinny shot of Logan lying awake in bed in the morning, he gets up to find Heather watching TV. He notes that she's still there, and she replies, "Either that, or you're dreaming." Well, you knew Little Girl God would have a touch of the philosophical in her. Logan barges into Dick's room, which seems like a contrivance, because seriously, if you didn't know for sure that he and his woman weren't there, would you really risk your retinas so cavalierly? But the bed is in fact empty, and Heather calls in that they didn't come home. Right on cue, Logan's cell rings, and, seeing who's calling, he both grumpily and urgently asks where Dick is. Dick says that he and Melinda took a road trip, and that he thinks he's in love. Logan's unmoved, which goes to show that he has a pretty strong stomach. Dick, however, points out that Logan slept with Dick's only long-term girlfriend, and since Heather's parents are out of town, the least Logan can do is look after her. Logan agrees, but grits that Dick had better be back by that night. When he's off the phone, Heather tells Logan that she got him some eggs, but that they're probably cold by now. I know kids get up early when cartoons are involved, but how late did Logan stay in bed? You'd think with all the bottles littering the suite, he at least would have had to go to the bathroom. With me all the way, Heather asks if all Logan does is sleep. Logan looks at her, but we cut away before he has the chance to tell her he also mopes a lot.

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