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Out on the cliff, Veronica notes that there are no signs of motorcycle tracks. She then realizes that there are car tracks leading right to the edge of the cliff: "It looks like a car went off right here." Beaver Casablancas, has someone been naughty down in hell? Josh approaches Veronica, and I'm with the forum posters who thought for just a moment, even though it's pretty illogical, that Josh might try to push her. Good combination of camera angles and music here. But they simply stand, pondering the new evidence...

...and later, it's dark as Veronica is driving Josh home. Josh says he doesn't get why carjackers would push the car into the ocean. You'd better work on those basketball skills, dude, because if you're going to get into a good college, it's not going to be on your razor-sharp intellect. Veronica notices that Lamb is waiting in front of Josh's house, and Veronica wonders what's up. The kids hop out, and Veronica sunnily greets Lamb: "Howdy, sheriff! A kitten get stuck up in a tree?" I'm pretty sure Sacks gets those assignments, Veronica. Lamb, patiently enough, tells her that now's not the time, and then arrests Josh for the murder of his father. Josh's mother cries, and with the week she's had, you can't really blame her. At least Bobby's not likely to get into a whole lot of trouble. Veronica looks very worried as we go to commercial.

Back from the break, out on the balcony, Heather is looking at a picture of Veronica on Logan's laptop. Heather opines that Veronica is pretty. Logan: "Is she? I hadn't noticed." Talk about leaving people open. Logan's phone rings, and when he sees that it's Dick calling, he answers asking where the hell he is. Dick tells Logan in a party-boy way that he's married, to which Logan has absolutely no reaction as he tells him to get back to Neptune. Heh. However, Dick claims to be on his honeymoon, so he hangs up as we see Melinda passed out in the bed. Well, that is his biggest fantasy made flesh. Heather then blows by Logan and tells him that she met a guy online, so she's going to meet him so he can take her out for ice cream. Logan tells her that she's not going anywhere, and they argue for a minute until she busts up, since she was totally kidding. Logan lets loose a slight smile, and as they walk back out to the balcony, Heather asks who was on the phone. Logan: "Just your brother-in-law." Hee. Also, yikes.

Jail. Veronica goes to see Josh and tells him that his dad's car was found in the water below the cliff, so now carjacking is officially off the list, which is not great for him. She asks if there's any reason Mason would lie about having seen Josh at the murder site. Josh thinks that maybe Mason would have had a grudge against the coach, since he'd lost his starting position a few games earlier. Also, Mason apparently possesses both a temper and a gun, the latter of which he showed off at a party once. Josh says he told the sheriff about that, but that Lamb didn't care, and no one believes him. Josh's voice drops as he asks somewhat desperately, "You believe me, don't you?" Veronica gives a small smile as she tells him, "At Mars Investigations, believing our clients is just one of the many services we offer." She doesn't mention that it costs extra. She asks Josh if there's anything she can get him, and he asks for something to read, peanut butter cookies, and maybe a hacksaw. Veronica thinks that the reading materials are easy, but that Lamb personally inspects all the food, "and it rarely makes it back to the intended inmate." Josh and Veronica make googly eyes at each other, and scene.

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