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Mars Investigations. Keith is on the phone with someone at an airport, checking up on Stoltz's alibi. He doesn't say anything, but from his reaction, I'd guess it checks out. He goes to put something away in a file cabinet, and then behind him, Mindy O'Dell tells him she got his call. He tells her that he wants off the case, since he found eggshells under the windshield wiper of her Volvo, the car she was driving that night -- the same night the Dean's office was egged by a bunch of disgruntled students. Mindy tells Keith that she didn't leave the hotel until dawn, and has no idea how the eggshell could have gotten on the car. Keith goes on to say that he's also discovered that she made a call to Landry in the middle of the night, and wonders why she would have had to call him if she and Landry were together the whole night. Mindy's confused at first, but then remembers that she went down to get some toothpaste for Landry; he needed it but didn't want to be seen by one of his students who works in the Grand (presumably Ratner). She says she was just calling to find out what brand he used. You'd think she would have asked that while she was still in the room, no? Anyway, Keith calls Landry, who's not too thrilled with Keith's having taken the case at all, since he's sure Dean Ed killed himself. Keith asks about the call, and Landry acidly tells Keith exactly what Mindy just told him. Mindy's visibly relieved, and once Keith's off the phone, she asks him if he's still on the case. He counters by asking if she still wants him. She says that while he's digging in the wrong place, at least he's trying, which is more than she can say for the sheriff's department. Keith looks at her skeptically. Now might be the time to tell her about the "believing our clients" fee, Keith.

Logan and Heather are back playing the videogame, and Heather asks Logan why he and Veronica aren't still together. He tells her that he did something he shouldn't have done. "Someone" is more like it, but I guess even he can give an eleven-year-old girl the G-rated version. Also, Logan could be referring to his preposterous-looking trimmed stubble, which is definitely "something" he should have avoided. I'll admit that Matthew Fox can pull that look off, but not him. Heather asks if Logan has apologized in such a way that Veronica knows he means he's sorry. Logan: "I poured my heart out to her on her voicemail, and she never even called me back." Wow. It's a good thing Dick isn't here to hear this, because telling an eleven-year-old that you "poured your heart out" on your ex's voicemail is bringing sad-sackery to a whole new level. Heather suggests calling Veronica again.

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