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Pretty Sad Woman

Sheriff's office. Keith waits semi-patiently as Sacks thumbs through files for him. Finally, Sack hands over a file that "someone" filed under "D." Keith takes the file and starts to amble out, but is stopped by Lamb walking out of his office, his thumbs hitched dorkily in his belt. I think Lamb watches old Westerns every night to get tips on how to be a sheriff. Sacks clears his throat and weakly explains that Keith requested the report on Dean O'Dell's suicide. Ah, now we get the "filed under D." I spend some time imagining an argument between Sacks and Lamb where Sacks tries to file the report under "C" for "Cyrus," but Lamb yells at him that it should go under "D" for "Dean." Lamb snidely reminds Keith that he's not sheriff 'round these here parts anymore, and Keith innocently notes that he's just a concerned citizen. Sacks helpfully backs him up by reminding Lamb that the file is a matter of public record, and points out again, "He filled out the form." Lamb tells Keith that he needs a hobby beyond looking for nonexistent crimes. "Oh, I don't know," says Keith, shaking his head back and forth, his eyes artlessly wide. "I find solving an investigation very relaxing. You should give it a try some time." "Yeah, yeah, I'll get right on that," Lamb retorts quickly and sarcastically. Hee! Keith, his point hysterically made, gives him a big, happy smile, nods, and leaves. Lamb smiles smugly to himself at Keith's silently retreating back, but then looks puzzled. Here it comes. He works his mouth as though he's repeating what Keith said to him and then -- there it is! -- it dawns on him that Keith has beaten him in a war of words once again. Oh, Lamb, you are such a Joey.

Back on the Hearst campus, Max runs Veronica to ground, who greets him as "Sir Cheats A-Lot" and asks how business is. So booming, apparently, that Max has actually had to hire employees to handle the work. Veronica wonders if Max provides "study guides" for Ethics exams. He does: "The irony has kind of faded over time." Anyway, what Max wants is for Veronica to find the woman he loves before she gets married next week. The catch is, Max has no information on her at all. He doesn't know where she is, who she's marrying, or what her phone number or last name are. Max, honey, does she even exist? Max threatens -- or promises? -- to take a bath with his blow dryer if Veronica can't find this girl. Veronica's overly concerned look takes us into the credits.

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