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Sorry, I liked last year's credits better. Then again, I sort of have a theme-song hang-up.

Veronica and Max pedeconference, as she audibly digests this total lack of information. All Max can give Veronica is the chick's first name (Chelsea) and that she's from Poughkeepsie. Veronica: "How do I put this delicately...does she know who you are?" Of course she does. She and Max met at Comic-Con and had one of those all-night, higher-plane kind of talks. In other words, those talks you have in random dorm rooms your very first few weeks of college. Veronica hopes that Max didn't get "all sweaty in [his] Wookiee suit." Max speaks for all Comic-Conners when he notes it's not all Trekkies and Star Wars. Yeah, but who could want anything else? Max, apparently, because he was there for Dave Gibbons's new graphic novel. Veronica then goes on a Battlestar Galactica-laden commentary that does my heart so, so good. Okay, I lied: there is more to life than Trekkies and Star Wars; there's also Cylons and Hiro. (And Jericho, but I am not totally ready to admit to that one.) Max admits that he did drift into the BSG discussion, where he met Chelsea: "And, okay, we did start off talking about how the Cylon raiders on BSG look like Batman's car when it turns into a plane." But it wasn't all starbursts and toasters, because they started sharing things about their crappy relationships with their parents, and Chuck Klosterman, and "moral greyness." "And how when you see a plastic bag flying around you think there's so much beauty in the world, you can't take it?" Veronica half-taunts, encapsulating my thoughts in a much kinder way. Max takes it in stride, and says she gets the picture. Veronica does: "Connection, higher plane -- then you fracked?" Max denies this, saying that what they shared was better than sex. Ooh --caramel-filled Hershey Kisses? Anyway, when Max dropped Chelsea off at the airport, Chelsea said that she left a note by his bed with her contact info. Sadly, by the time Max got back to his room, Housekeeping had been and the note was gone. Even though housekeeping doesn't usually touch stuff that isn't actually in the trash, Max is naïve enough to insist to Veronica that Chelsea really left a note. Then, a few days ago, Chelsea texted Max to say that she had given up on him calling her and was back with her ex and getting married. Max tells Veronica that she's got to stop Chelsea from getting married. Also, when Max tried to call the number back, the guy who answered said he's never heard of Chelsea. Furthermore, Max's roommate mistakenly erased the text message from his phone. Hope springs eternal, though, because Max still has the number.

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