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Pretty Sad Woman

Sense And Sensibility has progressed to the dance scene where Kate Winslet makes a fool of herself over Greg Wise ["as who wouldn't" -- Wing Chun], and Cheliona and Max have progressed to making out in front of Veronica and Logan. "This is nice," Logan comments, snagging some popcorn from Veronica's bag. "We should hang out with your friends more." Seriously. Why haven't Max and Cheliona gone back to Max's room? If Max is really that worried about dealing with Bred and Frian, like, get a room. He's tossing around enough cash for us to know that he can afford a stay at the local Marriott. Hell, with his kind of cash, he could stay at the Torrey Pines Hilton or the Hotel del Coronado. In a vain attempt to peel Cheliona's lips off Max's, Logan asks where she's from. "Ah, actually, this is a bit awkward, but my name is really Wendy," Cheliondy admits. Now why would that be awkward? Max likes the new name. They start macking again, without Cheliondy answering Logan's question. Veronica asks if they need a refill or a room. "We're good, thanks," Max assures her between smacks. Cheliondy -- who has a voice like Jennifer Tilly and Melanie Griffith smashed together -- apologizes and explains that she never thought she'd see Max again. She goes on to say how "misty and dramatic" she was when Max dropped her at the airport. "I missed the misty?" Max asks wonderingly. Cheliondy giggles like it's the cleverest thing she's ever heard. Probably is, actually. Poor little hooker. Veronica just looks sickened as Cheliondy plays with her hands and prattles on some more about how she felt after leaving Max. Cheliondy and Max resume kissing, and then there's another knock at the door. Not ANOTHER hooker! Veronica muses that Dick forgot his key card again as she goes to answer it. It's Madison. Preening in the hallway. I was right, it IS another hooker! Veronica and Madison snark back and forth at each other as Madison saunters up to Logan. Veronica explains that Dick isn't there. Madison ignores this as she flirts with Logan. Maybe my memory is really faulty, but I don't recall Madison looking so...dumpy. I mean what's with that weird wig? And the Frida Kahlo eyebrows? After Madison sneers around a bit, she decides to go somewhere that "doesn't suck" and leaves. Veronica slams the door behind her and instructs Logan that if Dick starts dating Madison again, he's going to have to get another roommate.

House of Mars. Keith is togged out in his old police uniform. Veronica stands in the doorway and snarks that he's missing something. She leaves and returns to hand him a boom box, reminding him, "Now remember, when you rip off the break-away pants, thrust your pelvis toward the bachelorette, okay? It's her special day." Okay. Ick. Veronica demonstrates the pelvic thrusts, and Keith's eyes follow the daughterly thrusts, and it's all just too uncomfortable and weird. Still holding the boom box, Keith dazedly rechecks his reflection in the mirror.

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