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Keith arrives at Lilith House to ask some questions of Claire and Fern. He starts off playing Fairly Affable Cop as he tries to get Claire and Fern to admit to egging Dean Ed's office, but he quickly turns Bad Cop as he reveals that Dean Ed was murdered, and hints that they could be suspects. Claire gets all nervous, saying that they didn't kill anyone. Keith demands to know who all participated in the egg spree. Fern insists that it was just the two of them, but Claire reluctantly adds "and Nish." Fern insists that Nish was not with them when they egged the Dean's office. Keith gets loud as he announces that Nish was with them during the other eggings, so where was she during the egging of the Dean? Fern and Claire say nothing. Keith threatens to haul them down to the station, which is when we hear Nish ask, "What, are you kidding?" Keith whirls around to see Nish looking him up and down. She nails him for being Keith Mars and not even a cop. "Do you two ever watch the news?" Nish asks her dumbfounded friends. Keith demands to know her whereabouts the night the Dean died. Nish gives attitude, saying that she doesn't have to tell Keith anything, and adding that she's pretty sure what he's doing is illegal. However, since Nish says she has nothing to hide, she tells Keith that she egged Dean Ed's car, "that Volvo that he loved so much." "He says that the Dean was murdered," Fern tells Nish. Nish looks aghast and a bit worried.

In his squad car, Lamb pulls up to a stoplight, totally seat-rocking to the radio. (Sorry kids, I'm out of the loop when it comes to music. If he were eating something, I'm sure I could identify it, but the last album I bought was U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind.) Lamb looks over at the car pulled up next to his, and his smile of "hey, there" freezes, then drops, as he double-takes at the sight of Keith in uniform. Keith gives him a lazy salute, looks up at the light, and makes a left turn. Lamb is left half-smiling in bemusement to himself. Odd -- I would have thought he'd be angry. He almost seems tickled at the sight of Keith in uniform.

Veronica arrives at Max's dorm, announcing that she got his text message. She notes the lingerie spread out way too neatly on the bed and assumes aloud that their relationship has reached a higher plane. Cutting to the chase, Max tells Veronica that he wants to hire her to make Cheliondy disappear: "I guess she needs a new ID, a new name" -- ANOTHER one!? -- "someone to close out her apartment." Veronica tries to talk some sense into Max, telling him it's way too fast, but that's when Cheliondy arrives. Max tells her that Veronica's going to help them. Dude, she hasn't agreed! Stop putting the cart before the horse. Unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing. Cheliondy is so grateful, commenting that it's hard to break out of prostitution, and then goes on about one of her clients, a judge, who likes to have tickle fights in his office and walk around in her shoes. Ouch. Veronica gets excited when Cheliondy tells her that it's Judge Kramer -- a judge Keith busted for bribe-taking but still got reelected. I guess this means Veronica is taking the case? Max has been looking quite uncomfortable as Cheliondy describes the judge's proclivities. What do you expect, man? She's a hooker! Cheliondy catches Max's look of slight disgust and looks down, but Max squeezes her shoulder and says, "Well, you won't have to worry about him stretching out your shoes anymore." Because that's the biggest stretching worry. "Whatever it costs," Max instructs Veronica, who just nods and smiles tightly.

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