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...and later, Weevil's regaling the class with some story that sounds amusing, but is neither important nor sensical enough to relate. Some girl asks if he thinks he can move on from gang life, having been in it as long as he has. It's a valid question, especially coming from her, as she's in her thirties and hasn't yet managed to leave college behind. Weevil says that he's trying, but honestly, he does miss both the money and the thrills afforded by his previous lifestyle. Given her behavior later, Veronica's goofy smile seems out of place.

Outside, Weevil compliments Veronica's necklace, recognizing it as having belonged to Lilly. Veronica: "Been thinking about her a lot lately." Me too, given that I really want to go back and watch Season 1 again when I have the time. Weevil asks what Veronica's Halloween plans are, and she tells him that after he gets out of his night class, she's meeting "the boyfriend" at 332 Bennis Hall, the casino from "Wichita Linebacker," which is now being called "The Venetian." I have to unhappily note that the acne problem I noted last time we saw Weevil has severely worsened, and to be honest, I'm amazed they didn't try to come up with some story-related reason for it. I'm not trying to be mean, because as I indicated earlier, I'm kind of worried, but if they felt the need to explain away a simple cut under Keith's eye, you'd think they'd do something to assuage our fears that Weevil's face is about to explode. Anyway, Veronica says that she's doing something "the boyfriend" likes in exchange for the whole dressing-up thing. It's too bad Weevil doesn't know that Veronica's talking about Logan here, since he'd be the perfect person to tell her that Logan isn't exactly a stranger to playing dress-up. (And there's a Wang Chung joke in there a little deeper, but why don't we move on so I can at least get past the cold open before my deadline.) I should point out, though, that it seems like my supposition that Veronica didn't give a rat's ass about the gambling in and of itself when she chewed Logan out at the casino seems correct. Veronica notes that Weevil's got dust all over his uniform, which he explains is from a dry-wall job on campus, and says something about it being in "crevasses and cracks [he] didn't even know [he had]." Seeing a hot girl, he cautions Veronica to keep her beau on a short leash, but Veronica tells him that "the women of Hearst aren't close to the top of [her] worries about Logan." I'm going to have to invent some new directions just to accommodate all the ways in which I could run with that comment. Weevil gets all in a snit about Veronica dating Logan "again, after the way he treated Lilly?" Seriously? No idea what he's on about, there. Lilly fucked Logan's dad while they were still basically an item, and Weevil knows this. Plus, last time Logan and Weevil were together, they were in total détente. I'd ask what's up his ass, but he already went into too much detail about the dry wall. Weevil storms off, and that's one false, bullshit interaction right there.

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