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The Venetian. Veronica's in a black wig, but it won't be clear who she is until Logan shows up. Perhaps someone pleasant to be around, given that the theme of the holiday is "Come As You Aren't." A VMVO is amusingly saying, to paraphrase, how Veronica's going to go all "Echolls Family Christmas" on the gamblers' asses, but she doesn't get the chance, because two guys wearing Nixon and Carter masks and brandishing guns tell everyone to put their hands up and fork over their valuables. The guy wearing the Carter mask, who is actually the only one talking, with an annoying pseudo-something accent at that, seems to be aware of how the casino's run, because he knows where the cash box is, and demands it from Mercer. As Nixon collects from the partygoers, there's a tense moment as Mercer considers not giving Carter the combination, causing him to hit a cross-dressed dealer. Ooh, they're trying to paint this guy as Eevil. It's too bad about the mask, because otherwise they could just have given him a cigarette. Anyway, Mercer relents, and meanwhile, Nixon is collecting from Veronica, but she balks at giving him her necklace. Also in the "file away for later" files, Nixon still refuses to talk, but Carter comes over and rather scarily grabs her by the throat, then rips off the chain. Veronica tells him he'll regret that, and surprisingly does not get clocked in the face before the guys withdraw. Veronica looks awfully upset. Hey, hon, things could always be worse -- at least Lori Petty didn't show up. Credits.

Back at the party, Veronica's forlornly staring into space and clutching at the spot in which her absent necklace should be. A campus cop tries to keep the (male) bearded dealer lady who got clocked in the face from leaving, but his efforts are ineffective. Mercer is telling another campus cop, an Asian guy with a thick accent, that there was about ten grand in the briefcase. The guy basically says if Mercer expects them to help, he's delusional, becausethey told him to shut the place down twice before. Mercer sardonically replies that he's quite aware they will not be aiding or abetting him. Logan enters, and I'll just tell you now that he and Veronica are supposed to be Jack and Megan Martha White. Considering how Jack and Meg were erroneously billed as brother and sister for quite some time, you'll forgive me for thinking that Duncan would have been the more fitting male component of the duo. Veronica emotionally tells Logan about the theft of the necklace, and Logan hugs her. Lamb enters at that moment and grandly notes the illegal gambling, underage drinking, and -- seeing Logan and Veronica -- "public displays of affection," at which he hilariously shivers. Careful, though, Lamb -- Christmas party season is coming up, and I can just see Sacks having too much eggnog, slinging his arm around you, and slurring that you're not such a bad guy. Lamb orders a deputy to collect IDs, but Veronica points out that all such things were taken from them. Lamb then disses the bald Campus Cop, and then Veronica, to Logan, bites out that she's pretty sure she knows who committed the crime. Ooh, it must be vasculitis! (Yes, I watch House. It's okay! I have DVR!)

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