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Veronica enters Mars Investigations and greets her dad and -- YES! -- Cliff. Finally! Keith asks if she remembers the job. Veronica: "Pretend to be a receptionist. I just wish I had some life experience to draw from." Heh. She takes her place, and Keith asks Cliff if he's cool. Cliff goes into an impression of a Monster Truck commercial announcer so dead-on that I'm thinking he grew up even more white-trash that has been heretofore indicated on this show. We're talking the low end of the trailer-park totem pole.

Speaking of which, we see Richard Grieco walking up the street. Hee. He finds a sign that reads "Mars Advertising And Media Solutions," and goes up the stairs. Inside, he finds Cliff "rehearsing" out loud. He goes over to Veronica and introduces himself as "Steve Batando," and says that he's there for the audition. Behind him, Keith asks "Mickey" if he booked "that Olive Garden gig." If there's any justice, the job will go to Richard, as the poor guy looks like he hasn't come across a carbohydrate since he left Jump Street. Eat a sandwich, dude. Veronica calls for Cliff, but he says that he's still making it work, as Tim Gunn would say. And I'd love it if Tim Gunn watched this show, especially since he could maybe give Kristen some tips that would allow her to cut down on her regular appearances on Go Fug Yourself. Anyway, Richard enters the office, but he is immediately accosted by Dean Ed, his wife (Mindy), and Keith. Mindy informs Richard that their son "Jason" is dying of bone cancer, and his paternity test (nice touch) indicates that he's a suitable donor. Richard hesitates for a moment, but tells her that while there was a time he could have been there for Jason, she kept him away and turned Jason against him. They argue, and then Dean Ed butts in to ask if Richard can "act like an actual human being for three seconds out of your otherwise completely worthless life!" Well, after that speech, I'm not guessing those three seconds are going to occur anytime soon. And indeed, Richard bails as Mindy, um, "cries."

Weevil's putting his toolbox in his car, apparently just having gotten off work, when he spies Logan with a girl nearby. It's lucky for her this isn't the old days, or Weevil would be shooting her in the head with a nail gun first and asking questions later. The girl leaves, and Weevil accosts Logan. They greet each other as "Joe College" and "Jose Lunchpail." Hee. Weevil can barely get off a comment about how Logan is "lining up [his] next girlfriend" before Lamb pulls up...

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