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Rashard And Wallace Go To White Castle

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"I Told You. I Was Trippin' Balls."

Back at the party, Wallace has been released from the closet (and I would have made a joke, but I've gone there before) and catches sight of Uncle Leash, who wastes no time in coming over and chewing Wallace out some more. Incidentally, Uncle Leash is actually listed as "Uncle Rucker," and I mention that because this would be as good a time as any for Wallace to show off his singing voice with a "Shut your Rucking face, Uncle Rucker!" That would get past the censors, wouldn't it? Uncle Leash asks Wallace where Rashard is; Wallace tells him he left with Jackie, but offers, "This might actually be fun. I know where she likes to go."

Club Thin. Speedy montage of people inside. We see Rashard and Jackie give up their cell phones and walk in with their arms around each other.

Outside, Uncle Leash pulls up in a cab and, having been unable to get Rashard on the phone, enters the club. He, too, relinquishes his phone -- to Super Huge Deputy from last week. And I'll tell you, without the desk to cover him, the first two parts of his name are even more fitting. SHD hands the phone off to Veronica, who thanks him, and then says she has to get to church...

...and then Veronica's retrieving the device from the pew, which I guess recorded the signal from the Confessional Cam. It would be funny if it just contained an image of Jesus sternly wagging a finger at her.

Veronica's bedroom. Veronica observes Liam, the guy who almost made her face a permanent Notre Dame billboard, doing something shady with a packet in the confessional, and VMVO expresses her disappointment in Father Patrick, until she realizes that Patrick is unaware of what's going on. It's too bad there's no sound, because I'd really be interested in knowing if Liam feels obligated to confess the sins he's committing right at that particular moment.

Neptune High computer room. Veronica enters, and Weevil crabs that he came in early, which he never does, and she shows up late: "Fortunately, I found this video online. This guy gets his whole head stuck up an elephant's --" "Fascinating," interrupts Veronica. Heh. Veronica shows Weevil the video, and explains that Liam left a hymnal with the drugs in it in the confessional, which is a nice parallel to Keith's trick with the tapes. They watch as someone retrieves the hymnal -- Thumper. Excellent -- the one who pretended to be Weevil's ally. Weevil looks hella pissed. Oh, Thumper. Don't ever go against the familia.

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