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Rashard And Wallace Go To White Castle

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"I Told You. I Was Trippin' Balls."

Chez Mars. Veronica arrives home, and Keith, cooking something, tells her he had a thought about the rat. Veronica, noting what's on the stove: "That you could make his lips and feet into hot dogs? I think somebody beat you to that one." Keith tells her he thinks that instead of its being a symbolic sign for her, it served the more utilitarian purpose of getting people who could afford another ride off the bus: "You're not the only possible reason that that bus crashed." Veronica considers this...

...and at her locker at school, VMVO muses that it is a weird coincidence that all the poor kids died, but she doesn't know why anyone would have wanted to kill them. As she watches Dick give some kid a wedgie, she says that she still thinks she's the only target that makes sense. Oh, Veronica. Wallace appears and glumly tells Veronica that his dad found out who the attendant at the drive-thru was, but that the guy hasn't come to work in the last three days, and the surveillance tapes are gone too. Veronica speculates that Uncle Leash got to him, and Wallace agrees. He asks Veronica if she has any other ideas. Considering her hopeless stare, it's probably best that we go to commercial and give her some time to think about it.

Church of Micks and Spics. VMVO tells us that confessions happen Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 to 6, "with bugging hours just preceding." Father Patrick walks by, and VMVO notes that he's a bit tough-looking. He's probably the sort to give out free kicks in the ass along with Hail Marys. Veronica lights a candle at the altar and then stands behind a genuflecting old woman in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary. Veronica tells the Virgin that she's really sorry about this, earning her a reproving stare from the woman. The Virgin, for her part, remains inscrutable.

Cut to the confessional, where Veronica is putting the camera in place. She mutters that she's going straight to hell. A voice from the other side of the box intones, "Confession hasn't quite started yet, but what makes you say that?" Veronica, you should have taken your own advice about "no sound" a little more seriously. Veronica tells the grate that she's done some things that "aren't quite on the up-and-up, God-wise." Satan-wise, though, they are truly top-shelf. ["I so hoped that she was going to say she'd done things that weren't kosher, but you can't have everything." -- Wing Chun] The priest asks for an example, and Veronica tells him that when she knows someone is bad, she does "improper things," like trying to prove to the world that they're bad and get them punished. Father Patrick tells her he knows the feeling, and says that he wasn't always on the up-and-up God-wise either. He quotes Romans 12:19: "Vengeance is mine. I will repay, saith the Lord." Veronica starts to thank him and breeze out of there, but Father Patrick goes on to lines 20 and 21: "Therefore, if thine enemy hunger, feed him. If he thirst, give him drink. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." In the King James Bible, at least, there's also a line about how being good to your enemy will "heap coals of fire upon his head." Ironically, though, that makes the message a little less warm. Father Patrick suggests Veronica think about it, and she takes a moment to digest that. It looks like he's not going to have her do a proper confession, but maybe he saw the business with the camera and decided he couldn't let her hog the entire two hours.

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