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Rashard And Wallace Go To White Castle

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"I Told You. I Was Trippin' Balls."

Cut to Veronica leaving the confessional. She sticks an electronic device under one of the back pews. Might want to talk to the Virgin again on the way out, hon, just to be sure.

Veronica meets Wallace outside the frat party and tells him that if God asks, she was with him. Heh. Given that Veronica seems to be wearing the same outfit as in the previous scene, which by the VMVO must have taken place on Tuesday or Wednesday, there's a timeline error, since Rashard said in the limo that the party was on Thursday. As they approach the house, they realize that the host organization is a black fraternity, and Wallace notes that "part of us isn't blending in." Veronica cheerily says she'll wait in the car. Veronica, I only know what the movies teach me, but if you shake your ass to "Baby Got Back," you'll have a hundred new best friends in a matter of minutes.

Inside, Wallace finds Rashard dancing. Rashard is good enough to talk to him, so they go into an empty room, wherein Wallace begs Rashard to do the right thing, especially since they were friends. Rashard agrees they were, "but then you gotta come and try to rat me out like that?" He goes on to say that he's got $50 million over the next five years on the line, and tells Wallace, as he leaves the room, to get out of his life. Keeping in mind what you seem to think it means, Wallace, I'd say that went "good."

Sometime soon after, Wallace enters the main area to find Rashard talking to...Jackie. Jackie's friendly enough until Wallace tells her to stay away from Rashard. Wallace tries to lead her away, but she points out that he didn't even return her phone calls, so it's really none of his business. Rashard takes this opportunity to call a "party foul," and have a bunch of goons appear and take Wallace and lock him in a closet. I'm more used to the type of party foul that is cleaned up less by brute strength and more by mops. Rashard smooves to Jackie that now they can enjoy the party, but, sparing a glance at the manhandled Wallace, she says that the party's kind of over for her, but that she does know a great club in Hollywood. Rashard hesitates and mentions Uncle Leash but, when pressed by Jackie, folds like a French poker player.

Outside, Veronica watches as Jackie leads Rashard to her car. She shakes her head in grudging admiration and starts her own ride. By the way, it always seemed more likely than not to me that Jackie was in on the plan, but the scene inside with Wallace, Jackie, and Rashard was well done, and Tessa Thompson was quite solid this episode. Also, it's a nice touch that Veronica told us long ago that Jackie is a party girl -- it makes her knowing the L.A. club scene seem natural, and thus naturally adds to the potential misdirection. Except for the fact that I knew they had to be going to Club Thin from the stupid previouslies. But anyway.

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