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Before I start, for anyone who isn't up on these things, the title pays homage to one of Rob Thomas's "young adult" books, Rats Saw God, which I can say from personal experience is a great read. There aren't any literal rats in it, though, so I'm sure we can expect not to see any tonight.

Chez Mars. Hey, it's nice of the Mars family to invite all those extras over to watch the result of the sheriff's election! It's not the easiest thing to find social engagements when you're not allowed to talk. VMVO tells us the election is a nail-biter, as we get a long-overdue look at Cliff, who's dealing with the suspense by drinking whatever's available. And given that Lianne stocked the Mars liquor cabinet, I'd imagine he's going to wake up with one bear of a hangover. VMVO adds that her attempts to get in touch with Wallace have failed, as Keith tries to put a brave face on things, saying they own "the straggler vote." Cliff asks Veronica for another drink, but Veronica tells him that they're out of gin. Cliff: "I'm not particular." Heh. The newscaster informs us that Lamb has pulled ahead by a percentage point, eliciting unappreciative non-SAG groans from the crowd.

Lamb is sucking on a stogie at the sheriff's office when a bespectacled dude catches him and tells him he made the anonymous call from the bridge. Lamb takes a long moment to stare at him, which I appreciate, since he's totally not the same guy we saw on the bridge in Logan's flashback. Then again, Logan's visual acuity may have been impaired by all the boots to the temple and such.

Neptune Grand. Duncan is having a party. Dick runs into Logan and is all, "Dude. My stepmom?" Is he asking how he Logan could do this, or how Charisma was? I mean, this is Dick we're dealing with here. Logan apologizes, and Dick affably says it's no big deal; besides, he totally would have hit Lynn back in the days before she, er, gave herself back to nature. Logan's delivery of "Great" is hilarious, and he then asks if there are no hard feelings. Dick: "You know, she gave me a few." Now I have to update my "Top Ten Personal Hells" to include endless exposure to the comic stylings of Dick Casablancas. The look on Logan's face suggests that I'm not alone. Nonetheless, that went pretty easily. I think Beaver will be a tougher sell. (Make your own joke here.)

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