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...and is sending it from her laptop when a notice that the computer has found Amelia's Palm Pilot's Bluetooth signal pops up, which means it must be within thirty feet. Veronica goes to see the manager again, who charges her thirty bucks to see the room on one side of hers, and again for the one on the other side. The banjo remains surprisingly silent through all these wacky hijinx. Veronica discovers nothing of interest in the rooms. When she emerges from the second one, though, she hears a grinding noise coming from the ice machine. With some trepidation, she opens the lid, and after rooting around a little, discovers a hand beneath the ice. Well, I was wrong about the hotel being in Nevada, because it certainly looks like Amelia checked into the Hotel California. Veronica, panicking, rushes into her room and grabs her phone, but Wiedman enters out of nowhere, closes the door behind him, and growls, "I thought I told you to mind your own business." Veronica looks terrified. She might be less so if she turned around and saw how hot Wiedman looks in that black leather jacket.

Veronica starts to tell Wiedman that Keith knows where she is. Oh, Veronica. If only you'd told Keith the truth, he might already have been on his way to save you from Wiedman. Of course, it's possible he's in his car trying to save you from blowing your hard-earned cash on crappy art, but that's a less urgent errand. Slightly. Wiedman asks whether that was Amelia in the ice machine. Veronica starts to make a call, but Wiedman calms her down and says that he wasn't entirely honest with her. He confesses that Amelia extorted another quarter of a million dollars from Kane Software, which Wiedman provided in marked bills, on the condition that she disappear until the Kane family's legal issues were settled. Veronica says that probably means Amelia burned through three million dollars in six months. I guess she took the idea to "live fast, die young, leave a pretty corpse" pretty seriously. Especially given that she ended up in the ice machine. Wiedman adds that the weekend she was supposed to get on the plane and go, some of the marked bills started showing up in Waverley.

Veronica and Wiedman confront the manager again. Veronica asks whether he saw anyone with Amelia, but the manager sasses her. Wiedman: "Answer the question or I'll break all your fingers." Awesome. I want to start ending sentences with "or I'll break all your fingers." Or better yet, have Wiedman accompany me places so I can end sentence with "or he'll break all your fingers." I think that would work better. The manager reveals that a guy was with her: "Brown hair, medium size, t-shirt." Veronica looks chagrined, and Wiedman leads her out of the office.

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