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Outside, Wiedman notes Veronica's reaction, and then says he needs her to take him to whomever she thinks the manager was describing. Veronica's discomfited by the idea of leaving Amelia in the ice machine, but Wiedman says he'll deal with the cops as soon as he gets a handle on the murder before things go too public. In the meantime, one hopes nobody's ice will taste too much like Amelia's conditioner. Veronica's sort of tongue-tied, but that can happen when you team up with your hottest mortal enemy in the blink of an eye.

A deputy leads a handcuffed Haaron into an interrogation room, where Keith is waiting. Haaron notes that there are only two chairs, and asks where his lawyer is going to sit. Keith easily tells him it's an unofficial visit: "Just me and the guard, who'll deny I was ever here." Well, you might, Keith, but given the deputy's Marcel Marceau act, I don't think he's going to be saying anything one way or the other unless he blows the casting director first. Haaron, unintimidated, takes a seat, and Keith asks him what he's been up to. Haaron says he got his Psychology degree: "And now I'm reading the Russian masters. Tolstoy, Turgenev -- you know." Well, I could certainly see where Haaron would be interested in reading Fathers And Sons. Pleasantries over, Keith says he's there because of Veronica. Haaron: "Oh, well, now, that's funny. So am I." Hee. Haaron adds that Keith should thank Haaron for Keith's fifteen minutes, because if not for him, "no one would have bought that hack book of" his. He chuckles, and Keith looks forlorn. The New York Times bestseller list is a harsh mistress. Keith finally gets to the point about Curly. Haaron laughs at the notion that he had anything to do with the bus crash, but Keith informs him that if anything happens to Veronica, Haaron will pay for it. Haaron condescendingly asks if Keith came all the way out there just to tell him that. Keith: "I came all the way out here to show how easily I can get to you. So just file that away." Keith leaves, and now it's Haaron who looks worried. Perhaps he used his new Psychology degree to determine that Keith is not fucking around. Come back soon, Harry. You're awesome.

Back at the dorms, Mike looks through the peephole of his door and sees Veronica. He opens the door with a smile, but Wiedman appears and stuffs a bandanna into his mouth. That's the most literal wiping off of a smile I've ever seen. Wiedman manhandles Mike across the room and hangs him out of the window, over Veronica's urgent objections. I'd feel bad for him if his apartment didn't have more square footage that all four of my college dorm rooms combined. Wiedman asks Mike if he conspired with Amelia to blackmail Kane Software, and if he killed her. Mike shakes his head vigorously, but that could be a reaction to his sudden need to go underwear shopping.

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