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Five More Years!

Keith sneaks into a warehouse where the salvaged bus is being housed. He takes a look around the bus with a flashlight. I'm assuming he thinks the forensic team has already completed its examination; otherwise, I can't believe he would risk contaminating the evidence like this. A deputy's voice calls out, prompting Keith to drop to the floor of the bus. This gives him the angle to see that a dead rat is duct-taped under one of the seats. That must have been the noisome odor Dick complained about in the season premiere. Nice, although I'm not sure the rat's corpse would be quite so intact here. Oh, I'm sorry -- I'm talking when I should be DUN DUN DUN-ing. My bad.

Awesome episode -- so tight and so well-paced. I didn't realize just how much I missed certain characters until I saw them onscreen again.

Next time: a creepy child-abuse episode. I won't be telling you about it, though -- Jacob will. Be nice to him or I'll sic Wiedman on you. See you in two!

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